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Such a nice day today. I had meetings all morning from 8am onwards, then went to therapy, bus broke down on the way there and the guy was worried about letting me off into the street, but not a jerk about it. I got off and went to the next stop and all was well on the next bus. Listened to one of the mixes I made recently & played Ingress & looked out the window. So warm in a nice way - a little on the hot side but that feels good to me! I should start wearing sunscreen.

After my appointment I went to look for a replacement scarf for my lost wooly pashmina. The woman running the store and I discussed our strange desires to have every scarf. My new pashmina is silk and cashmere and is a dark rich shiny brown with faint black patterns. Super ideal. I feel like a little brown bird. (In a giant blanket thing, with purple trimmings). Then beetled off to the J, to downtown uneventfully, switched to the N, went up to the roof at work. I sat in the sun overlooking the bay & devoured a stroopwaffel and some of those toasted coconut flakes, dealt with some bugmail, then hung out with support and user advoc. people who were having a beer. Unsurprisingly, support/UA team is NICE.

I tried channeling Lukas a bit by hosting an event at work. the nicest meetup. In retrospect, really, I knew this but just figured I could get away with it, I should have lined up another person to help me host. And, I should have specially invited the facilities people to come and attend so they could see some accessibility barrier negotiation in action. (But really they can just come see me be unable to open the heavy door, any time. ) Around 40-50 people showed up and I met lots of nice people.

After many years of volunteer thingies and doing a lot of work it was nice to just go, Oh, an event shall happen, and magic catering people and an A/V magician show up and do many of the things. The only thing I did was zoom around opening the 2 different doors at the entryways and greeting people. Which was fun except for the door being hard to manage. it was not unpleasant to briefly wield some resources and be a nice host without having to do all the actual physical labor.

I thought how I used to go out and do something like this every week sometimes more than once a week. Increasingly by taking more painkillers. Oh! so exhausting! I just can't do it!

But, it was nice for tonight. also, the food was good. i was just inhaling it. (I wonder if all the asthma meds make me hungrier?? food seems especially satisfying this week) Nice cheese, dried figs, giant slabs of very dense crystalized honey.... those mushroom truffle tarts... wtf, nice.

i am now planning to put in a workplace service request (like facilities) for working with lighthouse to do a tactile map of surrounding area and the building first floor interior. I wonder if this is something that is useful beyond just particular occasion (must ask them -- also, did they keep the julia morgan ballroom one, and did the JM ballroom people know it existed? I should follow up) So, do they keep such things and then print them for people ? Can't believe I never followed up on that....

I am so excited about vacation and our trip. I cannot wait to pack. I'm going to loaf on the beach like nobody's business.
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I had a decent swim today at PT. My ankles did not feel strong but I could do all the things. I had a nice 10 minutes of lying in the sun beforehand on a park bench and nearly fell asleep. On the way there past the zoo I stopped to watch two brown bears playing in their pool. Today's class was 4 dudes, one of the ditzier ladies, and a nice woman who talked about her marriage and her new (old) Impala and going to casinos. She is a bus driver. Sadly she thought I was in my early 20s. Right..... No! There was a guy there with a new back injury who was very tense and upset. I felt for him. He was wishing that he could just be in the water all the time since then he would be "walking like a normal person again". I did not break it to him that he was still wincing and limping and looking kind of fucked up in the water. I hung out more with the guy with the prison tattoos who is pretty nice, and the Impala lady, who told us all about the beached whale in Pacifica and the last 4 or 5 times there has been a beached whale in the area.

Asthma still nasty. I think that there is nearby road construction and that is what's doing it. Pulse oximeter thing going from 95-98. Inhalers rule. Even if they make you get the shakes.

I am well into this not very good series of fake Jane Austen novels where Elizabeth and Darcy go to all the different settings for Austen's other novels. The writing style and things that happen are not at all right. But they are not super super awful enough that I've stopped reading them, either. Everything else on my Kindle (and it is full of stuff) is sort of serious or dense. Need trashy reading!

Hugo mess continues, very annoying. I read a short story that was withdrawn from the awards. It wasn't very good. Nothing to barf about, it was just boring and as if it were churned out to make $25 or fill up magazine pages 40 or 50 years ago and it would not have done anything new then either. I then thought of all the novels that are basically that same story but stretched out to make more pages, and just as boring. How can people be so dull?!

I also read a pleasingly cranky review of Silver on the Tree, a book that has always annoyed me.

A. wore lip gloss to school today for "twin day" along with black tshirts with horses on them with 3 of her friends. Oddly... she just got home and she is wheezing.


Apr. 15th, 2015 08:09 am
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Nightmares about pain. That was weird. My hands do hurt but not like in the dream.

mix tapes

Apr. 3rd, 2015 01:05 pm
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I made 2 playlists (one done, one still under construction)

I was thinking that I miss creating the physical objects: decorated, handwritten or printed cassette tape cases or cd sleeves. Making art as a computer image, well I have no practice at that and it also just doesn't seem like any fun. Hmmmmm. Also, I am making this in spotify so it would be a lot of effort to get all these songs in a format burnable on a cd. it would be nice if spotify had an "upload image" option for playlists!

Anyway, as I voyaged about looking for things for this (very poppy) mix, I discovered that I really like the group Vampire Weekend. passion pit is also good (less interesting rhythmically, but has a dreamy 80s new wave thing going on) I also enjoyed listenning to some Mac Miller.

I have consistent taste in liking songs that open quickly, vary their rhythmical structure, and while this is optional i like a lot of brass.... lyrics need not be perfectly applicable to the mood but it's nice if there is a good line or two. I ended up rejecting some songs because the lyrics turned out to be unexpectedly horrible once I read them.

I don't know what current music styles are even called. For a while I did go down a rat hole called "new american weird". I would like to figure out what the pop music with weird electronic noises in it, that isn't dubstep, might be called, if anything. Or if not electronic noises, something like, very bendy sounds and being slightly out of tune on purpose. (as in the song While I'm Alive by STRFKR) I would also like more like Tkay Maidza.

Music recs welcome!!

What are you listening to or exploring that is new to you?
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Can you think of examples of revenge porn that are pre-1996 or so? Pre-web? I feel like there must have been stuff like this on usenet or bbses. I can't think what it would have even been *called*, since revenge porn was a term I never heard till later. Simply "blackmail".... Or seen as an internet prank, with a frat-like tolerance of "uploading nudie pics of your ex girlfriend".
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Moomin is singing along to Janelle Monae songs and all is peaceful. <3
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I had like 3 nice days and now am weirdly ill again. Bah!!!!!

Reflux or something. allergies. i slept most of today. I keep just falling asleep. Can't walk around without coughing painfully. eating hurts. why! I hate this. It was nice out... at least I fell asleep in the sun a lot. its like i suddenly have painful bronchitis from ... stomach acid? not for the first time. Am taking Dexilant (which i've been on daily for like, a year) and drinking carafate to help with the pain. it barely helps.
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I had forgotten this but my mom reminded me. During our trip to the Dude Ranch over 10 years ago (Moomin was maybe 3 or 4?) There was a scene where a little girl younger than Moomin had accidentally locked herself into the bathroom, sort of an outhouse dealy in between the different cabins. The little kid was screaming, and people were all crowded around freaking out and trying to tell her what to do, and suggesting different things like calling the fire department and I walked up to this scene, took out my leatherman which I was wearing on my belt, and unscrewed the hinges off the door without really consulting anyone. As I recall I muttered something in the way of informing them what was going to happen. Problem solved. My mom says it was pretty hilarious. I think now I find it more amusing than I did then. Like then I would have just felt momentarily smug at getting to use my leatherman, like, perfect opportunity. Now I see a little more how odd or maybe alien that must have looked to everyone else and it must have made them feel slightly silly. I probably didn't do the human interaction part correctly at all or defer in the proper gendered way to whatever Dudes were taking charge of what was to be done. Not making any big deal out of that just doing it swiftly before anyone could object. So, I am now extra smug. Maybe I was then too and have just forgotten it. It is nice that my mom liked it and considered it characteristic but it also felt a little like she considered it characteristic of my being able to shoot lasers out of my eyeballs unexpectedly when I was a baby.
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I am in the trippier bits of Crown of Stars book 4.

One protagonist is going through a fabulous feminist hero-journey ascending through the seven celestial spheres while taking off all her clothes, processing her trauma, and finding out some more of the Real Truth about alternate Charlemagne's descendants.

The other protagonist has been thrown back in time through standing stone gateways instead of dying, to something like 2000 BC or cave-people time and is having mega adventures saving the world from the alternate history Aztec elf aliens, encountering dwarves, merfolk, centaurs, sphinxes, phoenixes, and accidentally getting the snakebite universal translator superpower. He manages to keep his faithful hounds, Rage and Sorrow, alive through it all.

They keep accidentally having visions of each other and imparting new revelations and reinterpreting everything. Meanwhile Zond7 has just been texting me from taiwan where he is pausing on the way to Manila and I want to send him lapis lazuli rings, phoenix feathers, strange mystical fire, planetary daimones, cave paintings, and the underground marketplace where the dwarven beings hang out with their earth elevator train cars and rivers to trade with the freshwater river merfolk.

Instead I am complaining about having a cold and he is texting me photos of his breakfast and a hello kitty store.

Pretty much the same thing....

I made it through the morning at work, barely and then fell asleep for a while in the sun. taking the rest of the day off to blow my nose and nap some more.
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I felt like I was getting a cold last night, woke up feeling more sure, but was able to work anyway and have my meetings. I then went and took the bus to the pool for my Wednesday PT. Glad I went.

I feel invigorated when I do it even when it can be a bit painful. I missed one week, and then last week was not able to keep up or do all the things and felt unstable in the water (was still walking with a cane, not always able to put my weight on my right leg) Today I felt very bounced back, and back to my baseline from a month ago. I still can't bend all the way over or bring my knees up both at once and am cautious about bringing up my right knee. But, this is awesome.

Differences from 4 months ago pool and now:
* I can stand in the pool with my feet pointing "up" towards the shallow end
* I can walk back and forth the whole time with only some pauses for muscle spasms
* 30+ kickboard presses (pushing it downward, or back and forth in the water) instead of around 5
* 30 or more squats and do them in shallower water, from maybe 5

From the daily home PT exercises, I notice that my stomach is way stronger. With the lower abdominal exercises, I started out not even able to tell where the muscles were, or if I was doing the exercise at all. Now I can feel them all tense up and can keep them solid for a long time through many reps.

Here are my exercises! Once or twice a day I do complete sets and during the day I do some extra if I think of it.

* lie on back, knee hold 10 seconds each, alternating, 3x
* ankle loading, sit, lean on knees, raise heels, lower very slowly. 10x
* standing hamstring stretch at wall. 10-15 seconds 2x each
* Theraband ankle push (Lying down or sitting)
* Sit to stand. Sit in a chair, slowly stand up with body straight and knees bent, like doing a squat, then sit again. For many years I got up by leaning on my arm sideways favoring my bad side.
* Squeeze a kickball between knees, lying down, do arm raises sideways while tensing transverse abdominus 10-30x
* butt squeeze (What it sounds like) 30x at least (hurts on right side, i have like no muscle there)
* clamshell leg thingies but lying on back using theraband around knees (I can't manage these sideways despite YEARS of doing them; 9 months in ankle boots killed it)
* ankle cross move with theraband (I mostly skip this, it fires off a world of pain)
* Bridges (Absolutely not, nope)

I need more knee-strengthening. My ankles still always hurt. LIke it hurts to move them around even non-weight bearing. Progress there is really slow.

This is the longest I have stuck with PT in a consistent way. Combination of my life being more structured/stable, good physical therapist luck (they are great), warm pool that I can get to, and the pain/insomnia behavioral therapist, who is also great, and having the money to do all this.
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I am reading book 3 in the Crown of Stsrs series and have started a wiki to keep track of things:

I love books where I have to take notes or re-read to really get wtf is going on. It is very satisfying. I don't think you *have* to but it's pleasurable to flip back to book 1 and see the connections and hints & how it all ties together.

Currently: mind blown as I realize parts of the family tree of both of Liath's parents. But only part. I don't have it figured out yet. Muahaha!

Spoilers below
Read more... )
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lots of people came over! i experimented with vegan pie. danny hid in the bedroom to sleep and not germ everyone up emerging only for pie. he is very sick with a cough and a 101 fever. He is a good sleeper. "trombone? what trombone?

lovely to see everyone. adina, jamey, heidi, frances, seth. zach couldn't make it. jamey brought 3 kids. claire came over and so did milo's friend thomas. milo and ada cleaned up and helpd make pie and arrange a space for hospitality.

I love my friends!

here is my recipe for vegan lemon meringue pie.

vegan Lemon Meringue Pie

This is a complicated recipe with multiple stages and you will get several bowls and pans dirty. It tasted like regular lemon meringue pie but was a little bit pudding-y because we didn't wait to chill it. It did not taste like coconut.

I combined several different recipes for this and added some things to taste (it was not sweet enough and the meringue was bland, I htink taste it and add more vanilla/lemon as you like. Bitters or grand marnier or some other liqueur might make the meringue more interesting. I would also try a flaxseed meringue which it looks like you can definitely brown on top. It might also work to sprinkle a little brown sugar across the top, then brown the top with a little dessert blowtorch.

1) Make a vegan pie crust. (Crisco is vegan) Bake the crust 15 min. and let it cool.

2) Make the filling and let it cool.

3) Make the meringue.

== Filling ==
3/4 c. lemon juice - About 12 lemons (maybe more)
1 1/4 c. sugar
1/2 c. corn starch
1/4 t. agar powder
1/4 t. salt
1 1/4 c. coconut milk (full fat)
1 c water
1 1/2 t. fine-grated lemon zest

Put all of this in a sauce pan. Heat it up on low while stirring intermittently. Then bring it to a full boil so that it foams up, while whisking it to keep it from getting lumpy or overflowing the pan. Boil and whisk it for about 4 minutes. Take off heat and let it cool. It should cool off for a couple of hours.

== Meringue topping ==

Make this in 2 stages.

=== Set the agar ===

1 1/3 t. agar powder
1/4 c. cold water

Mix the water and agar in a small saucepan. Stir it constantly over medium heat until it simmers. whisk vigorously as it simmers for 1 minute. Let it cool off. It will turn clear and set to a jelly.

=== Whip the meringue ===

1/2 c. powdered egg replacer
3/4 c. cold water
2/3 c. confectioners' sugar
1 T brown sugar maybe a bit more
1 T vanilla extract
1/2 t lemon juice

In a big deep bowl (metal or glass) beat the egg replacer and water till it is very fluffy. Then beat in the sugar, vanilla, and lemon. I beat this with an electric mixer on high for over 5 minutes. it never got as stiff as egg whites, but it mounded up and kept its shape pretty well.

Then, beat in the cool, jellied agar mixture. This will take a while. You want to completely break up the agar so the meringue is stiff and smooth with no lumps. You can get it to be firmer if you chill it, then beat it again.

== Construct the pie ==

Pour and spread the meringue over the pie. Make peaks on the top with a fork or a spoon. You can just eat it right away as we did but I think chilling the pie for at least an hour would give it more structural integrity.


Mar. 12th, 2015 04:34 pm
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yay I went out, and I got things for making pies this weekend.

The plan is for all pies to be vegan! I have specced it out for lemon meringue, pumpkin, and apple with raisins in it. I am considering soaking golden raisins in some sort of booze so that the apple pie will be extra fancy. meringue will be made with agar (which i got online) and whipped cream with coconut milk. Is this too much work ? I don't know but people who like baking things are coming over.

I don't know how hard pie crusts are to make with coconut oil but i have a granite counter and a marble rolling pin and am generally prideful of my pie crust abilities!

Ecstatic to go out, my back hurts and stuff, but it was SO NICE.

I also made a nest on the front porch so am lying out on 2 layers of patio furniture cushions. Not perfect but i'm enjoying being out here! i feel much calmer and connected to the world.


Mar. 9th, 2015 08:56 pm
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Ada came home and was very excited about her new witchy things from some sort of pagan store; a tiny very sturdy cauldron, incense, a purple and a black candle, and a book on rituals. Within 3 minutes I heard all about it and she was in the back yard dressed in her ancient egypt robe from halloween two years ago when she dressed up at hatshepsut, singing.

Extremely cheering!

I gave her a little sage bundle that I had on the bookshelf with my milagro of a leg and strange embroidered brooch that has a spine on it and my interesting fossils and eno's beadwork and my pin from NASA and my great grandma's praying hands ceramic thing.

I decided to read all the Crown of Stars books over the next couple of days since they are now out as ebooks. The first one is interesting. I like coming to these for the first time after having read her later work. (fyi one of the main characters lives through some heinous and prolonged violence and rape and abuse so it is not a super cheerful book)

Asked D. to bring home fruit, chocolate, flowers, and salad and he did so I have nice flowers in the kitchen and by my bed.

I hung up some laundry that was draped over the bookshelf so there was not much bending over and helped clean off the kitchen counter.

I am still intermittently crying with rage and feeling all the feelings and very tired of myself. Completely sucktastic, scary pain.

It's like something kicked me hard in the low back. Horrible dull ache. Stabby sharp pain unpredictably when I move my legs/hips/back.

Wondering maybe if this means I should go back on enbrel. Dr. appt. next Monday.

Tomorrow if I feel able to stand up long enough to do it and stand in the shower i will re-bleach and purple my hair.

I need more doing-stuff-as-a-group at work; in theory that should happen every day but in practice it's like twice a week. I can learn a lot on my own but not the talking through things judgement of other people, which is what i need to be sure I'm in sync/consensus. Gathering up questions. I didn't feel very on top of things today or like i did enough. Friday I did enough for several of me so hopefully it evens out.

The tshirt I'm wearing is one I got in I think 1988, in Ireland, at the Guinness factory. I wonder if I have tshirts that are even older. This one is easy to date.

Other people are still interesting and also, very nice.

I missed eno a lot today and wished i could send her pics of interesting lotions and bright yarn and fancy glass beads and men with enormous muscles and ridiculous fanfic. I felt waves of love for all my friends who talk with me online.

I think I am also frustrated from thinking i would be creative this weekend and I was not and did nothing but read and do paperwork at the desk. I felt too horrible. Everything needs to slow down even more. I know if things got worse i would be thinking, oh if only things were like they were (right now) so I better appreciate it whatever it is.

Trying not to beat myself up for having a low moment.
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Realistic assessment, I may not get through a full work day today. Last night I suddenly stopped being able to put weight on my right leg and any movement in my hips was painful. I got to the bathroom on 2 canes. I can put more weight on it this morning and have taken some tramadol. It is hard to bend over and also to turn over in bed, sit upright, etc. Very painful and sharp. Pain/tingling going down my leg into my foot. The "good" side is also aching but not super sharp pain.

I made my tea, ate some crackers, bent over to put cat food in the bowl (mistake)

Could not find my (spare) glasses and had to painfully tidy things up till I found them. They were in the bed in the first place I looked of course. I need to get new real glasses.

I will be very cautious today and will get d. to bring my walker up out of the garage.

Not going to despair. Laying low.

Wrote to my doctor to say what is happening. I will need some vicodin and I think a day or two of lying still. I am not sure whether to skip PT on Wednesday or try to do it. Right now I would not be able to get there anyway. But maybe by Wed. can do it with a ride (which I have already lined up)

Calling the pain clinic now to make sure my next sacroiliac injection is scheduled.

About to get my period so "not despairing" may also not completely be realistic as I usually have about half a day of PMS existential crisis/mood where I doubt everything and cry.
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And I just woke up to prepare myself mentally for work and realized it is still the weekend! Huzzah!!!!! I will do my taxes in celebration.

Friday I worked hard, then took Milo out to high tea. He liked the tiny sandwiches and scones and crumpet and petit four and salad and fruit but not the actual tea. While I went to therapy he read comic books at the nearby library where I then joined him to work some more. We looked into 2 shoe stores but they didn't really have anything that appealed to him. He has always worn non-laceup shoes like vans or merrils and tried to talk himself into laces and failed. We walked all the way there and back playing ingress and talking. Super nice day.

Sat. I fooled with my container plants and cleaned the porch some more from its rainy season cruft and trash and spiders. We all 4 walked down to 24th and the cultural center where there was music and cake. We also had tacos and stopped at the fizzary. ada got a small set of pan pipes. Perfect weather. danny then was super tired and slept a lot. he is still getting over his cold. I trimmed the plants on the side path to the garage and swept it.

sunday i did more plant fiddling. yatima stopped by for tea on the porch. danny and I went up the hill and grocery shopped together which is always nice. f and cmex came over and stayed till dinnertime. So the clean front porch got a lot of use. we had a great time and some hilarious conversations. f. plied and wound some greeny-yellow yarn on a giant spindle and a thing called a niddy-noddy. moomin was out at a game con with his dad. a. and yatima's daughter hung out much of the afternoon there or here. I cooked spaghetti and meatballs (sitting down) and had some pulled pork in the slow cooker all night.

today i am physically shaky and realizing i overdid things yesterday walking around the house and garden. each porch sweeping or gardening feels possible and even good while i'm doing it but I get too gung-ho and over do it. I have at least figured out taking allergy meds beforehand is a good idea! I scrubbed half the porch railings yesterday (sitting down) and did not realize till bedtime that I had screwed up my right hand doing that. I iced it a lot in the night waking up from the pain. It is going to be hard not to clean the rest of the things today. I have all this energy from the zoloft, i think, but not the physical stamina. Though, I just did 3 really nice not-staying-in-bed days with going out each day, and I think have not fucked up yet, I need a "down" day for my knees and ankles...

wonder if my pool is open today? I could go swim!

Must let my hand rest. more reading, less scrubbing ?
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Deep breaths, got in my car and drove it 5 minutes to the top of bernal hill.

I sat in the sun and read my book about the complicated activist politics of the organizations fighting for wheelchair lifts on buses in the U.S.

It was nice for a while but so many dogs off leash came up to me that I decided to go home and try to find another less doggy park in the sun next time. Holly Park is less doggy but you can't drive to the top. I will investigate what else might be close. I think one of the tiny community gardens on the hill will have a bench in the sun where I could spend half an hour occasionally. coleridge mini-park gets some afternoon sun.

My ankles are stiff and painful but it felt like an ok risk.

It was also nice to be in control and go somewhere, alone.

I do wonder about hand controls. Would I just hurt my hands?
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Noting today as I fiddled with my personal wiki. I use Tiddlywiki as a sort of worklog, in my browser, which saves as a single html file on my desktop. Actually I have a personal one and a work one. The work one had a page I was using early on at Mozilla to keep track of people (staff or volunteer) I should know and recognize or have talked with about something. Because I am not very good at remembering people. Or that is how I perceive it when someone recognizes me and I don't recognize them.

This list started with around 10 people, went to 20 quickly, then more like 50. It felt like massive overload. Now I look at that list and have to laugh. At this point after 2 years I know hundreds of people and have some idea of what teams they are on or what they do and maybe their real name, IRC name, where they live (for a rough idea of time zone).

Things were similar at BlogHer, really; I knew hundreds of bloggers and their work or what they had talked about at panels over many of our conferences. Even with this I am constantly amazed at the depth of knowledge (about other people) that folks have who have worked there for many more years.

It is kind of intense. Also, I like it and think everyone is very interesting. But the company has expanded past the point where you can be aware of everyone (long ago)

Girding my lions to think about work from a whole different angle coming up very soon!!!
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I am thinking about diaries and how I organize my time. I will need to readjust things as I switch teams at work very soon.

What have I done with my time so far today?
- woke up at 7 and read Seneca essays which put me nicely back to sleep.
- woke around 8. read BBC world news and hacker news in bed. ate toast. play clash of clans on phone.
- 9 read email, bugmail, answer emails, look at bugs. tweak gmail filters, those useless fucking things. Do a little PT. Read over the bookmarked sections in Pain Mangement Survival Guide.
- put away dishes. wash dishes. realize sink is leaking. call plumber. email plumber.
- 10 look at code. read email and bug comments with advice on code. person to ask advice of is afk.
- Realize I am in massive pain and don't want to move and need tramadol. take tramadol. remind myself to take it , or at least tylenol, when i wake up first thing. Drink tea though it is not great for my stomach. Bag up kitchen trash, bathroom trash, and scoop the catbox. Trash is outside the back door for now.
- File crash bugs. Feel somewhat inadequate that i don't understand better. Think about what i do understand and feel happier. At least i am getting the ball rolling.
- 11am adn now it's meeting time (company wide meeting which i just need to listen to)

I will meditate and do PT at noon and then maybe bake some scones. i also hope my sister will come over.

I like the idea of morning routine including:

- Read reminders from Pain Mgmt guide, Mind over Mood, Marcus Aurelius (M.A. and Seneca also good for middle of the night waking along with very boring roman histories)
- Take tylenol or tramadol or maybe both. (check with dr)
- Gentle PT (not the whole routine)
- The HN and BBC reading is not so bad I think. It is the equiv of reading the paper. The thing to avoid is the FB endless scroll.
- Crash bugs are a nice easy thing to do on Monday morning to get me going even though it is not really my job to do any more. It will be good for me to know what is up on Nightly and to eyeball the crash rate. Maybe limit this to 30 min to an hour. It is also good to fill in times between meetings.
- Assess schedule for the day and the week (this is also good to do sunday night with my big calendar on the door)
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Ativanned up and slept reasonably last night. finally.

The excitement here is we have a dead rat or a mouse somewhere, i think down a specific wall. The guys who came to try to remove it from our attic narrowed it down to a particular location but they would have to tear the wall apart. So we may just wait. If the door is open or all the windows then it isn't detectable but with the doors closed, ugh. I am also boiling cinnamon and cloves and bay in a big pot, which helps.

i would like to hunker down and submit this patch today even if i do it wrong..... determined... I am in over my head... but it would be a little closure for this project for me if i can give it a good go.

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