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2012-04-24 01:12 pm

Sciatic thing

Ugh, my sciatic pain is acting up nastily. It is electric shocks, pain, and cold all down my right leg. SUCKS.

Yesterday I took A. out with me to cliff's variety and then to lunch and to my PT. She played on the giant rubber ball things they use for exercises while my tendons got poked and i learned some new exercises. The PT was nice to me and said she thought the sciatic pain and my feeling of being worse was from the exercises the temporary guy gave me (ie they stretched my actual nerve unnecessarily). Okay then.

A. was a lot of fun to be with and we had great conversations about her projects; i showed her my lists of interesting things you can see from the bus, and I can't remember what all else. A funny moment when we went into the elevator and she said "I made a face at the CAMERA".... she says she can't help noticing security cameras everywhere and she makes rude faces at them. ahahahah, way to go kid! She is also writing a new book about potions, magic, ink, and ancient egypt. Each interesting thing will be a different chapter. Lately she's describing herself as interested in history.

I got up and dressed to go swim despite the pain and then realized my scooter wasn't charged. So, bed. I rewrote my list for the day to be a lot quieter.... put the little cabinet together (light and could be done on my lap) Drill a hole in the cabinet to move the TP holder, clean out the drawer next to my bed.

yatima and her kids came over last night and all the kids put on a show for us. then sang a great song with recorder, ukelele, and drums; the lyrics were them screaming every few bars, "Cat GIRL!!!!!"