Jan. 5th, 2015

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It feels a bit odd to "friend" someone I used to know and lost touch with, right after they died but I did it just now to remember them. Then it struck me to consider how many accounts I'm linked to for people who are no longer alive. It feels wrong to unfriend someone just because they died. Imagining 10 or 20 years from now (assuming some continuity of some services, which may not be safe to assume) this may become more noticeable to me. There are also dead people in my phone contacts who I think it is best to just leave there and I will think fondly of them when I come across their name.

Wonder if social media tools will end up letting you differentiate between memorial/legacy accounts and live ones..... Or build in some other way to mark the end of life of the account's owner (even if it is still run by someone else in their memory)

I'm sure all this has been discussed endlessly at various conference panels and I remember seeing some of them go by but not paying attention.

Random thought, not feeling too morbid about it, just a little sad.
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Thinking about my goddaughter. I should give her a holler. Have not written much since she graduated college and got a job. Somehow haunted a bit tonight thinking of her mom.

Got out the piano this afternoon to help Moomin practice new songs for school choir. He is singing bass (? not really..... imho but they had to split the 5 boys somehow) in Scarborough Fair and baritone in the old norse song from the beginning of Frozen. He was not hitting the notes and i was puzzled then realized he was 2 notes off in reading the bass line and also slightly flat. Some re-establishment of what middle C is helped. But, they do not really know the notes, or scales, or keys, it is like 8 years of do re mi. We then sang it all fairly well and he was into practicing one line many times (as i am). I wonder if I could teach him basic music reading now with some of my music books.

He was remarkably handsome today in his hashtag sweater, skinny jeans, and mismatched socks (one rainbow with pawprints, one purple striped) and black vans.

The cat threw up 4 times. Not usual for her. She is drinking, and peeing, and seems chirpy enough.

D home to make dinner. yay! he did not sleep at all one night recently then slept nearly all weekend (work stress and illness) He is cooking lots lately and fetching food and doing all the laundry. We went to dinner with his friends from the uk. (stef and kay and james c) I spent most of the weekend alternating lying in bed reading and going through toys in the kids room with Moomin. We went through the bin of magnet things and the 2 tubs of legos, sorting out everything that was not a lego. The room is rearranged to make room for a desk. We both enjoy poring over things and I think both enjoyed the magformers and legos and endless sorting. We made the friendly Totem from Monument Valley in small legos after finding a one-by-one yellow lego with an eyeball on it.

Then after dinner I had the huge urge to play the piano but held off. Ada then suggested the desk area could be the piano area. I put it on the 2 matching chair-stepstools. Works perfectly. I wanted to play while ada was in the shower but could not get printer working. I got in a little bit of practicing invention #1 from memory and trying to remember the fingering. Did not get past the 2nd twiddly bit. Printer finally worked. Then she was out and didn't want me to play. So I listened to her composition. She is writing down the note names on paper according to my sticky tape marks. Feel slightly crap at things since neither child can read music. Her composition was good. It was called The Argument. First a melodic bit then chords that were like a different voice. Then more of the first voice. Then more crashy chords. Ada has a cold and a sort of gurgly cough. I dosed her with childrens' benadryl-D before bed.

Noticed she had done her math worksheet all wrong and have set alarm for 7am to explain ratios. I have thought out several different ways to explain it. I could see how she was thinking (gets it at the core if things are in 5s or 10s, so understands the principle, but mixes it up and also was approximating, so anything not obvious was in the wrong order and sort of rounded.) Also, lack of focus or caring factored in since it was after 8pm when she started it. She did not flip out when I mentioned about needing to re-do with explanation. I was afraid she woudl be upset. she was very good tempered for it being a changing households day, long school day + theater practice, homework, shower, etc. Resolving not to be quarrelsome or scoldy and magically get her to do basic chores and homework without any sort of conflict ever again.

Worked a lot, intensely while I was working, but had a fabulous break mid day going to lunch and coffee with E, her little sister S, and their dad. I haven't seen them in a couple of years. E. is in college now. S. is in Moomin's grade I think and does cosplay. They are very amusing! It was so good to see them! I adored them as they were growing up. What a fabulous gift of life if we can be friends while they are grown ups. Super touched they came up to see me. I think that is why I'm thinking of my goddaughter and feeling a pang that I failed to stay in touch or really, do much of a job there other than sporadic books, graduation gifts, that one hideous bit where she wanted some truth about her mom and I was like Uhhhhh, JFC, where to begin.

I want my piano books from rook's house and will pick a few to put in the bookshelves here. bach + chopin + a couple of easy books to teach the kids from (if they'll tolerate it) I am afraid to hurt my hands but surely just a little bit.... the pleasure in it is doing it for hours though so, hmmmmm. My hands hurt now. So, unwise to get piano from kids' room. Will read the end of Ra instead.

Very domestic and kid focused "holiday", not badly so but a little less career and art filled that I first thought it would be. That is not a bad outcome though.

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