Jan. 12th, 2015

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I have been playing clash of clans since Thanksgiving (I think) and had a funny moment yesterday considering strategy, and some insights that seem generally applicable to life.

The game lets you build a little village where you mine gold and elixir, build walls and defenses and weapons tech, and then basically, armies of barbarians, giants, goblins, wizards, etc. You can fight solo against goblin villages, or start getting matched up with random other players across the world to attack their fortress villages. In attacks, you can loot around half the other player's gold and elixir, and if you destroy 50% of their buildings you get some "trophies", and win the match. Destroying all the buildings gets more trophies. With the loot, you can immediately build new stuff. Trophies are used to determine the difficulty level of player you get matched with, and what "league" you are in, a group of 100 players. Every few days, your league is wiped clean, and you are matched up with a new league depending on how many trophies you have at that moment.

You also can join a clan and have big complicated battle tournaments with another clan, which is fun.

Anyway, recently I got up to a Silver league level, and then rose to the top of it. I was going for a badge where you reach 1250 trophies. I kept getting around 1190, mostly from attacking other people (and skipping through potential matches till I found one easy enough). Then in the night someone would always come kick my ass and I'd lose like 30 trophies. Very frustrating! It also felt harder and harder to find an easy enough match.

I kept thinking, what am I missing? Why can't I kick these people's asses? And paging through more and more matches of people with a mile of huge walls, 3 mortars (to my one) and 3 wizard towers wiht a level 8 town hall. In short triple the defense power that I have. And feeling like I was missing some possible successful attack strategy.

Last night realized that I am being matched up with people with 3 times my defense level because I am that much better at attack and strategy so that I am several leagues above most people with my actual tech/battle level.

OH. I am not incompetent at strategy. I am 3 times better at strategy and punching far above my weight class.

That was a relief.

So I have to go lose some battles for bit on purpose (I don't have to, but I could) Or just focus more on loot, and less about trophies and winning. I did that a few times last night, and suddenly was wallowing in gold coins...... I am not sure if I will be matched "correctly" till the leagues are cleared and re-formed in a few days. I looked online at strategy guides and saw that people deliberately start a battle, attack wtih one troop, then surrender so they can lose max trophies and go loot low-level players. omg. I am unlikely to go that far with it, but simply to re-focus off winning and onto looting! Not out of honor but because I really like to win. (Also I would not mind being just slightly above my dad's level in the clan....... but maybe once I catch up a bit more!)

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