Jan. 31st, 2015

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Can't eat normally but faking it. (less than half of a normal amount of food)

nice dinner with metaphortunate anyway!

It isn't getting any easier to get myself out of bed to go swim today. Must JFDI. But it is boring. I will try to take some mpleasure in the bus trip and the nice sunny day and swim at my own pace and not hurt myself. Wish I had someone to go with or talk with at it! my small talk is not super stoked right now. Also, my back hurts and i will not enjoy the bus.

I wonder if i could make the drive there soon.

since it is so hard to get myself up and my back is so wobbly i am not going to alterconf, giving away the tix. sad to miss this personally and also i was looking forward to sharing it with milo.

i also want some coffee so very much but it would be a bad idea for gastritis. at least i can move around. it is not to emergency bad levels. on the edge though. Must eat super conservatively, rest a lot.

tempting... just stay home and do regular PT exercises? is swimming too much?

I can't tell.
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Well I got up to fold laundry and walk about the house a bit. Realized my stomach hurt like hell and I was running a fever. Back in bed. Not swimming. I would still like to go up the hill and be in the sun. But not if that makes me worse.

ate half an apple. trying to think what to eat. i think a lot of salad and veggies maybe.

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