Feb. 12th, 2015

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Deep breaths, got in my car and drove it 5 minutes to the top of bernal hill.

I sat in the sun and read my book about the complicated activist politics of the organizations fighting for wheelchair lifts on buses in the U.S.

It was nice for a while but so many dogs off leash came up to me that I decided to go home and try to find another less doggy park in the sun next time. Holly Park is less doggy but you can't drive to the top. I will investigate what else might be close. I think one of the tiny community gardens on the hill will have a bench in the sun where I could spend half an hour occasionally. coleridge mini-park gets some afternoon sun.

My ankles are stiff and painful but it felt like an ok risk.

It was also nice to be in control and go somewhere, alone.

I do wonder about hand controls. Would I just hurt my hands?

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