May. 2nd, 2015

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I went out to go to therapy and meet an acquaintance from out of town who called me up. It was so hot I left the house in a tank top and thin tshirt, no long underwear, holey jeans, and ended up taking off my socks in the cafe. (Do not worry. My feet are odorless and look very nice. I was surely not grossing out my fellow cafe-workers. ) It was so nice to just bake in the sun and heat. I wish it were like that every day.

This cafe has a cozy spot by a sort of bay window with two comfortable large wicker chairs and two small tables. It's quiet but people come in and chat all the time with each other and the baristas. I got a lot of work done there and tipped high to make up some extra cafe rent.

It turned out NOT to be therapy day - it was Friday instead. OK! Back to the cafe.

My friend was stuck in traffic but then zond7 texted to say he was going home from work to pick up his apple watch, which had just gotten there (the magic of the package tracking stuff that apple watch fans had set up, I guess). He came to meet me at the cafe. I believe we may have compared our Cat Collections and worked a bit longer... then off to the bar.

A few worries about my pain level. I have been taking at least 3 half-tramadols over each day this week. A whole one sometimes. And, plain tylenol, once or twice a day. At night, or when I had horrible (period) cramps and my neck being stiff and my feet actually spasming, adding in some skelaxin (muscle relaxer). There is pain in a new place, the sacroiliac/sciatica type of electric shock or buzz, but going to a place it has never appeared before which I suppose (hide your eyes) is my pudendal nerve. NOT GOOD. It's ... like being zapped in the inside pelvic bones. This has died down mostly. Why are there always new places for more pain hijinks? Anyway in this state, going out to an inaccessible bar sounded stupid, and yet I really wanted to.

The bar was nice but no big deal. I talked with zond7's work people and some random other people and maybe some 18f people. Funny convo with insunlight about her trolling guys at defcon or maybe CCC. I had two drinks and did not feel any ulcer pain, but was pleasantly tipsy. It continued to be very warm! Our friend from china was there and demoed his headphone gadget. I had a good conversation with him about open source hardware and scooters and wheelchairs and all my ideas (from like 2008 but hey, I still think about it and the different ways I could start a company to do it) He nicely said he would hook me up with manufacturing and distribution people if I ever jump into that. I can dream!!! But, would need someone to do the traveling part for me. He was so nice, and I was touched that he thought of me to be in touch after all this time since "early blogging" days. His gadget is excellent.

Zond7 and I went home by like, 9. (Huzzah!)

He then played his ukelele chord progressions. I got out the keyboard and tried to play along and improvise a little or at least echo his chords. Not too hard and a lot of fun. It was nice to share our tiny bits of knowledge about music theory. We watched a sort of guitar or keyboard-hero version of the doctor who theme on youtube. It struck me suddenly that that form of musical notation is exactly like a music box or player piano program.

My hands on the keyboard are very halting but some things are ingrained. I thought of the book I like, Ways of the Hand, and its soothing descriptions of knowing where your hands are in motion in relation to the keys.

Pain level is still not down to "normal" whatever that is, but some baseline, and yet I am functioning pretty well. Work is good and interesting.

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