May. 5th, 2015

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Good: Clockwork Dagger. Fluffy, steampunk, fantasy of manners, special healer orphan girl rides giant blimp and is MAGIC and can feel the soul of the tree goddess. There is an interesting roommate, a handsome, somewhat brooding man, and a cute animal friend. Passes Bechdel test.

So-so: His Fair Assassin. Has actual history (medieval-ish France/Brittany) plus magic old gods. Orphan teenage magical assassin nuns, who are friends, go out into the big world, getting more involved in politics than they had planned to other than assassinating people. I enjoyed this but it also drove me up the wall.

The Girl With All The Gifts: Excellent! Traumatizing! Awesome! Zombies but not like the usual zombies?

Cranford: re-read, such a good book.

Gaslight Dogs: couldn't get through it, should give it another try.

The Journalist and the Murderer: GREAT book. read if you like analysis of writer-subject relationships.

Five Days at Memorial: Good book about the bad stuff happening at a hospital during Katrina. I was following the blog of one of the nurses at the time.

The Grace of Kings: good mil-fantasy. World building. Do we have a special name for that? MilF is kind of taken.

Entire series of Mrs. Darcy books by Carrie Bebris: Read them all like circus peanuts, kind of awful but enjoyable somehow.

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