May. 9th, 2015

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Long complex dream where I was traveling and was a spy to keep tabs on someone on the trip with us. Horrible moments realizing he was covered in blood or had some weird plague. There was scuba diving. I can't remember what was scary other than fearing to be discovered as the spy. Woke up, calmed down with tea on the couch.

When I went back to sleep I was back in the dream, but in an airport buying a new outfit to tide me over as my baggage was gone. I returned to the vacation place and found that we had forgotten all sorts of things. Piles of clothes, gadgets, food, medicine, and an entire half-packed suitcase on wheels. The spy target guy (still sometimes accidentally revealing his bloody wounds) was suspicious of my return. I chattered about things to distract him while I re-packed my baggage.

I remember one moment finding a pile of different pain meds and thinking they weren't mine but they were strong and powerful. Maybe I would take them. I then decided not to take them, thinking that, hey, if I wanted these I could ask my doc. I pictured my very kind doctor saying, "But, you could have just asked me and told me your pain was worse and you needed them, like we talked about" and so I did not take the boxes of pills and injectible painkillers. (Also picturing what it is like to be arrested in the airport.)

There was another moment in this seaside hotel where I took a walk outside, and made it my goal to go down a dark pathway by the beach, until I got to the street some way off up a little hill. It seemed impossible. But my ankles did it and I felt strong. I couldn't believe I had made it all the way to the street. Amazing! How did my ankles get so strong? I was glad it was dark. What if someone saw me walk it and then accosted me over why I wasn't walking like that all the time?

Brought to you by the Ministry of Obvious Dreams.

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