Jul. 8th, 2015

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I found myself in tears this morning as i contemplated how much I love plaid and my flannel sheets. Red plaid is the hobbit hole of plaids. I keep crying sentimentally over things. Or just crying from sadness. Or for no reason. Steroids are truly weird. I cannot wait for the shingles and these meds to be over.

I am actually ok though. It is nice to have the house full nicer than you would think. I wondered if i would want everyone to go away. I think i would have over the weekend. But now it is ok. Long as I can get away and lie down. It's nice not to be sick and lonely during the day (and yet to have the feeling of pressure to care for/entertain moomin not all on me)

Dizzy, weak feeling, pain comes and goes. I slept well, waking up in pain but falling asleep very quickly which was a mercy. Deep aching pain and skin pain both.

My whole left side feels weird, on and off. Stab, pinprick, pins & needles, weak or achy. Shingles are very very weird & variable. Anecdotes from the Internet seem to confirm this for everyone.

I am midway through the last Martha Wells book that I have on my list. A thing I notice that she does very well: Many moments all through her books where a male character articulates to himself about the competence of a female character, without it being a giant issue. Ways it usually goes in other books and stories: the guy says or thinks or acts in a way that questions a woman's competence. She then may protest or assert. He then maybe reluctantly agrees or yields. Or persuades her otherwise. Wells has a pattern of the guy having an inner monologue about the action that's more like, "Now we're breaking into this building. Makes sense for her to go first since she can see in the dark and all. Good thing she picked this good way to go up" Then they do that thing. Maybe she spots a sniper on the opposite building. And it works. No further comment happens. Smooth!!!!!!! It gets it out there without the "question and undermine" phase.

Played Boss Monster with mom and the kids last night. I was skeptical but it became clear it is interesting strategy after we got the rules down. I have trouble sitting up long enough. We just played some of Rat Race and I had to goe lie down. My nephew (stayed over for last 2 nights) is so very good at games and rules and loves the details so much. Moomin respects it. It's so nice how they get along.

I hoped to go to flora grubb with my mom and sister but made the better choice it hink to lie down not push myself (duh) Still so hard to do but I could not take the pain and didnt want to drag down their outing.

my mom has made awesome tomato sauce with meatballs. she is a fast efficient no fuss cook and it smells great. she cleans as she goes too (like i do, but i learned mine in the co-op kitchen) Simmering for the rest of the afternoon will make it amazing.

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