Jul. 18th, 2015

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Feels like maybe people will expect me to be back at work monday but I do not feel ready. Still waking up whimpering in pain and unwilling to move. Still in massive pain just turning over or walking across the house. It hurts to type on the computer (Am doing it anyway, I have a special position for it with my arm sort of glued to the painful side and the computer down low on my belly)

I think I will do the paperwork and aim for next week out too rather than try to aim for wednesday or something.

my ankles still feel amazing and fabulous. getting out of the cab yesterday from therapy i looked to the end of the street and thought, I could walk that far, if my side didn't hurt. I wonder if I will be better from the shingles, but still under the good effect of the prednisone, for long enough to walk to the corner and back!

I wonder if I could agitate for a more frequent steroid burst experimentally.

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