Aug. 4th, 2015

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OK how is this for an idea

Women's Creative Commons Culture Collective

It is mostly just an idea. But we can make it an idea with some sort of logo and manifesto and maybe templates for how to do it.

We spread the idea that we can offer people whose work we love some money for them to creative commons license that work. Rather than just wishing they would or asking them, we pay people. Like producers do to own a slice of an artist's work. Instead we pay to not own a slice or only to own the same slice as everyone else does. This will help us support each other, and our work, and also will save it from obscurity when we reserve it privately or publish it small scale because we want to get paid. Wanting to get paid is reasonable.

We could encourage each other to start saying right up front here's what it would cost to CC license this particular work (i think that is useful for visual art). But I am also going to try to make reasonable offers for this for writing and music i love and want to republish or want to be up on the net. I am just now doing this with 2 friends locally whose music I love, and who made a lovely song called Sisters, and I want to send it to EVERYONE..... especially right now.

As riot grrrl zine distros go... I have always considered the bulk of my work to just be out there and not under my control and I don't look for control of it. and that was our ethic. Now we have some formal structures to bring to bear that could be in good alignment with what we do anyway , that will let us do it better.

If you see ethical problems with this please discuss in comments or just tell me in email.

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