Jan. 11th, 2016

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My teeth kind of hurt so I made a dentist appointment and started flossing 3 times a day. After about 5 days, my gums stopped bleeding when I floss. Ew. Why is it so hard to do this sensible thing?

My favorite sort of lip balm right now is a vanilla shea butter one made by Feleciai but I can't find it. My second favorite is Etta + Billie lavender one also heavy on the shea butter. Plain shea butter is also good but I need a little pot to put it in to carry it around as my container of shea butter is damn near the size of my head.

The down side of having a nice bed frame on legs above the floor is that giant dust wads collect under it along with qtips and empty glasses and kleenexes and boots and cat toys. I am allergic to dust.

LastPass is irritating me as it never quite works right with all the sites and unpredictably will be fucked up and then i have to "forget password" reset things. Further confusion follows.

Ridiculous songs I'm listening to lately because of hearing them in my sister's car:

* Teacher Teacher by Rockpile. So stupid, so catchy!
* Various songs by The Cars. Better than I remembered but still just as sexist. Had annoying memory of this annoying girl in middle school who was pretty and had a side of the head ponytail but was a Jesus freak, dancing to "Shake it Up" by doing that thing where you hold your nose and pretend to be swimming downwards. I will probably remember how annoying this was when I am 90.
* The Masquerade by Berlin. Pleasure Victim is still a great album. Aaaaa Terri Nunn. I think I saw her opening for the Go-Gos but can't really remember.

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