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Couple of posts over here about my ankle stuff: Voyage to the End of the Block and Ankle bustin' in the wild west.

Today my sister picked me up (with her son along). We went to my boat and luckily it was high tide so very easy to use the wheelchair down the ramp and to the docks. I did the stairs onto the boat sideways and hanging on. Going down some of the internal stairs required bumping down on my butt. I got some clothes and a few extra things, coffee mugs, a cutting board, a book of poems I want to start translating (though now I wish I'd gotten a couple more) and my suitcase. It was physically difficult. We went to my favorite cafe and had lunch & she got my prescription from the pharmacy.

Bullshit incident of the day, as I shuffled from the car 20 feet to a cafe table outside, a dude looked up from his table radiating false heartiness. "Well !! What happened to you?" In that way that is sort of aggressive that 60 year old dudes use to women they think are like 20 and should not be limping and/or dykey looking. "Well, I guess I was born." "Oh so you have been LIKE THAT all your life?" I just stared at him blankly and then as I sat down said, "So.... what happened to YOU?" and beamed happily....

I am gonna start saying stupid shit like "Shark attack" any minute now!

Riding around in the car was hard to bear, my feet have to rest on the floor and the floor is vibrating. Walking in the boots is possible when it is not otherwise, but still very painful because of the bursitis. I am icing them a lot.

A. has a sinus infection. I have been dosing her with some kiddie cold medicine at bedtime but tonight it started to be all green and nasty so I got her to do the neti pot. Fascinating. How can all that stuff be up in there?

Read through a bunch of the stuff here (lots of PDFs) from the Oakland Citizens' Police Review Board. It was pretty interesting. I wonder if they are going to give any explanation of why they postponed tonight's meeting?

I read more of Petersburg and finished Finding Fernanda, which was great investigative journalism. I liked the extensive notes on sources in the back. I burn to know how she organized all that info.
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