Mar. 4th, 2012 09:20 am
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I have loaded my car with plastic trash bags full of things to go into the garage at least temporarily. (shoes, jackets, extra bedding, the dirty laundry hamper, all the things that were in the "hall" on the floor of our room). The bike being out of the way is also useful.

Moomin is sorting toys into small boxes from under A.'s bed and putting books onto shelves.

The decks are clearing!

Pausing now to ice my ankles and put my feet up.

Then I'm going to bleach and dye Moomin's hair stripe (blue, again).

And then sit in a chair and sort through the papers on the desk.

I think yatima is coming in the early afternoon to drive a load of these things over to the new house with me, and then lisey is coming at 5 to do it again and also in the afternoon or evening zdashamber is coming to bring a bunch of moving boxes (perfect timing as there will then be room to bring moving boxes into the house and stack them.)

The progress is heartening enough that I might try to schedule Actual Movers for Tuesday.

Also to do:
- scooter over to the hardware store to see if they can copy the garage door opener.
- get key copies
- obtain my old pink manual wheelchair from bob, to use in the house
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