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Lovely strange incoherent dreams - such that I was lying half awake for ages with sentences of nonsense springing into my head conscious that they were a fountain of babble.

Finished reading Doris Lessing "The Good Terrorist" which I loved for its descriptions of the complexities of communal life & shifting alliances between people. Am now halfway through "The Grandmothers" which I only realized at the end of the 2nd story was separate short stories (I thought all the way through the 2nd that the stories would somehow connect. Rich fare after so many cheesy detective novels.

I have had a lovely pineapple empanada for breakfast sitting by the window with the cat next to me. It's so cold. I might not swim. But I could do physical therapy exercises at least 3 times before 1pm and will go back to recording them on Fitocracy. Between exercise sets I will do the taxes and take apart empty boxes.

Disability money still not here as they assumed I had last year's card still (why would I!?) So I have ordered a replacement card. I am not quite down to the wire but must wait to pay off my last month's credit card bill and D. has to cover rent till I get the card and can transfer from it.
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