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Reading depressing and upsetting Achilles tendon stuff. Chronic Achilles tendinosis: recommendations for treatment and prevention. And Treatment of Tendinopathy: What Works, What Does Not, and What is on the Horizon. And miscellaneous others from pubmed.

One thing with all these papers is that anything beyond "three weeks where you can't do your usual running regimen" is chronic and all the outcome things seem to suck. And they don't really talk about what happens next or how people cope, just that the things that are available aren't particularly proved to work.

Emailed the PT and the ortho. Ortho talked to the PT and they both wrote me back to say that she wasn't iontophoresising (whatever) my ankles because the area is too big and they like to do it just in a limited spot so was waiting for it to get a bit better. Arrrgh. But no one said that, it is different from the other things she said.... And does that mean they are going to do it based on whether or not I wince at them poking my ankle? Because I can react to pain or not depending on how tired I am if it isn't off the scale extreme. And wouldnt doing it maybe reduce, even if temporarily, the ... w hatever? no one, also, clear on whether it is inflammation or not. -itis or -opathy?

I am feeling a bit hopeless and horrible and keep crying, though yesterday i was euphoric. So I wonder also if i'm dealing with the effects of not taking cymbalta for 24 hours on Sunday (by accident - because i forgot it when I went back to RWC).

I had a bad night waking up a lot with leg and back jerking and twitching and pain. So i'm also exhausted.

I didn't go swim because of exhaustion and also -- it was so cold I couldn't face the thought of the pain of my right leg and my knees and toes and hands being cold. So am mad at myself for not swimming.

Made a new dr. appt with the new internal med doctor but her first available was may 7th.

I keep kind of hearing the PT sayhing i had abused my body and the ortho saying that in may i would walk (in boots) in to the office instead of wheeling and feeling angry and hopeless. It isn't may yet. so maybe. But I can't picture it. It hurts and I'm tired of it. meanwhile all this being in bed just can't be good for my health in general. I get up a million times a day and am as active as I can manage.

At this point I guess i am doing better than a couple of months ago so will just hang in there. in Feb. i couldn't put on my pants standing up and now I could, but think it is best not to since it hurts. But I have to remind myself not to. Surely I'm walking around more, and with bigger steps too at least in the morning.

Looked at the EDD papers again because I checked the card balance yesterday and it was 0. So that means they haven't been paying out to me. Ack! It turns out that in all the papers they sent that look just alike, one is different: you have to sign it saying you are still disabled and mail it back. Uhhhh ooops. I completely missed that. Going to go mail it now. I hope it isn't too late.

Calling the PT to make an appointment but their phone system is messed up, sends me to voicemail, and then hangs up before I can leave a message.

Emailed our work HR person to "touch base" or whatever. Not sure what to say. Just making sure "things" are still "okay" I guess....????? Am I on leave? Do things change past some time frame? I don't know... whatever...

I unpacked some boxes. Going out now to mail the letter just so as to put on pants and have left the house. I can't cope with people right now as I keep crying a bit too much.

Paid bills. discarded things. forgot to say that I did d's taxes and mine and rook's and filed all of it on time. go me.

if i have to keep coping with this level of disability and pain how am i going to go back to work? but i have to...

Need therapy or something maybe? maybe go off cymbalta ? ugh... I don't know what to do and don't want to deal with therapists and going to more appointments.

Date: 2012-04-18 05:31 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] sciarra
That is a lot to deal with. And you are coping pretty well.

I know our bodies aren't the same (duh) but it took me a good six months to get over achilles tendonitis. Which is yucky to hear as a time frame, but maybe good to hear in that it does seem possible that it can resolve itself even after a while.

Date: 2012-04-18 03:04 pm (UTC)
amadi: A drawing of a hand with the index finger pointing straight upwards with the word this across the bottom (This)
From: [personal profile] amadi
This was my experience too. It took a while, and oh, what a wait, but it did resolve, and in my case on its own just from rest, because I didn't have access to PT or an ortho or any particular treatment.

Hope that's some small comfort, Liz?

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