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goofy job meme

Meme rules (from pantryslut, with a few additional rules of my own:

1. Go to
2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
4. Post the top umpty results
5. Bold the jobs you've had
6. Star the ones you've seriously considered
7. XX the ones which would absolutely not suit you

1. Computer Support Person
2. Tailor / Dressmaker XX
3. Archivist
4. Computer Network Specialist
5. Historian *
6. Gunsmith
7. Home Inspector
8. Computer Programmer
9. Electronics Assembler *
10. Dental Lab Tech
11. Curator *
12. Office Machine Repairer *
13. Anthropologist *
14. Optical / Ophthalmic Lab Technician
15. Business Systems Analyst *
16. Furniture Finisher *
17. Picture Framer XX
18. Upholsterer XX
19. Musical Instrument Builder and Repairer
20. Database Developer
21. Telephone Operator
22. Web Developer
23. Electronics Engineering Tech *
24. Electrical Engineering Tech
25. Electrician ***
26. Small Engine Mechanic *
27. Electronics Repairer
28. Administrative Assistant
29. Project Manager
30. Jeweler XX

Many of these involve ticky little work, which I do love, but I'm too slapdash to do all the jobs listed here where I'd need to be very precise and not fuck up. In fact, I've often thought I would be extremely happy as an electrician, if only that fucking up could electrocute me, or that some sort of machining precision making-things job or cabinetmaking would soothe my soul, if only I were the sort of person who was capable of actual precision. In computer jobs, you can fuck up, and then go fix it.

Alas for my career as a furniture finisher, which I would totally enjoy if not for the asthma.

Last year I was muttering extremely about apprenticing myself to a mechanic, which would make me super happy and I could think about writing while doing it.

I wondered if this quiz doesn't just salt itself with enough "web / business / computer techie" jobs to make everyone likely to take the quiz nod in agreement...

On the quiz I only lied once; I said that I was indifferent to writing. It is not quite a lie. I prefer writing that is not part of my job. Having writing in my job just makes me anxious.

I notice, though, that the top result for me is the job I've had where I was the happiest.

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1. Industrial-Organizational Psychologist
2. Social Worker
3. Human Resources Specialist
4. Addictions Counselor
5. Foreign Service Officer
6. Association Manager
7. Clergy
8. Lobbyist
9. Politician
10. Rehabilitation Counselor
11. Motivational Speaker
12. Sport Psychology Consultant
13. Humanitarian Aid Worker
14. Genetic Counselor
15. Psychologist
16. Corporate / Commercial Lawyer
17. Judge
18. Mediator
19. Lawyer
20. Civil Litigator
21. Criminal Lawyer
22. Criminologist
(after 22 they're all boring and have nothing to do with me)

I have done none of these as a job, ever. I'm sure to one degree or another they'd all suit me (motivational speaker - only if it's not self-help-get-rich, whatever...).

Anyway, this should answer your question about whether or not everyone gets web/business/computer/techie job results! And I said I like stuff like that and like code (although I don't know any at all).

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I take that back. Number 40 was "Activist." I've always been that (in everything I do) but it's rather hard to ethically get paid for it.