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IN other news! We are closing DU applications a week from today, pausing for a couple of months to get ourselves together a bit. We may already be near capacity for our space and we certainly have too much administrative work to handle than we were prepared for, even with the incredible incredible work by the app-building team. So if you're local to the area and want to apply, you have a week :)

Today I went by, had nice conversations with A.K. about network infrastructure, a batsignal app, all sorts of stuff. Moomin dj-ed, we played the card game called Swish (which is very good), Mary came to measure for shelves and then came back again with the lumber, Marlena marked all the wall studs, others were in and out. As we left the shelves were starting to go up. Very exciting!! I worked on making a book press like my old one but the c clamp i had was uneven and very hard to bolt to the board. It did not at all work out. What kind of hardware did I use last time? I can't remember! Something that was NOT a c-clamp but that was similar: it had a part that i could somehow anchor onto a heavy board, and it had a screw thing ending in a point, and a mechanism to turn the screw downward. I had a penny in the top board just under the point of the screw so that it wouldn't drill through. I hope I didn't throw the old press away...

Am nearly at end of Agatha Christie novels & realized I need to go back to the 1920s and read all the short story collections. I'm pausing on the novels just after The Mirror Crack'd. Back in time!

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Date: 2014-02-06 10:17 pm (UTC)
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bibliofile told me you had this question about the book press and i have a big papermaking press that i love so i came to see. i've seen small book presses in catalogs that are sold for pressing flowers, that iirc are held together with long bolts at the corners.

the one i have is based on an arnie grummer's papermaking design but bigger, with a small auto hydraulic press (5k #?) to squeeze the paper. top and bottom boards are held together with lag bolts, i think that's what they're called, long threaded bolts with wingnuts on the top ends. but those don't move after it's assembled. the wet paper (with absorbant layers) goes between the bottom board and a press board, which has to be strong enough to withstand pressure without bending, and the little hydraulic press on top of that pressing between the press board and a top board. surfaces reinforced with aluminum plates so nothing bends in mine, which was custom built in a limited edition of two so i'm sorry about that.

also i didn't know before they make really thick plywood with formica surfaces, to build cement framing, much stronger than regular plywood.

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