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About to read myself to sleep with Aurora. As we last left our intrepid heroes ....

Cut for very mild spoilers, nothing big

... they were all being put into hibernatory sleep by each other and the handy AI's medibots. If the medbots are that good at it, why are the humans doing any of that work? Just saying. Why does no one ever go, "Hey Ship, you're super smart and know a lot. What do you think we should do?" Still also bothered by it occurring to no one other than Protagonist that maybe they could split into 2 groups and do more than one thing. OMG... unthinkable.

I did like the genius engineer mom but she didn't feel all that ... something ... to me... a little bit off like slightly more sophisticated version of taking the mom and dad in a kids story and flipping it so the dad is in an apron making dinner and fussing mildly like a metrosexual hen, and the mom is distant and mysterious genius, staying up all night cybering with her spaceship girlfriend. It worked ok but a little backstory, how did they meet, what was Devi's childhood like, how did she get to be how she is? How is their society around gendered roles? No one mentions it, it's just like it magically went away, you get to be pregnant, and engineer, your house husband scientist makes you dinner and hosts parties. It's not trivial! Fine, it's the future, I'm glad they worked all that stuff out. Also i get that the ship is coming to consciousness and storytelling so we get a naive and fluctuating view of Devi and maybe a bit more focus on Freya (and caring for her) since Devi worries about her. The ship loves Freya more than it seems to have loved Devi.... *sadface* *not believing it* Freya and the Ship are really sisters....

Here is what I am rooting for: It did mention just before they took off that Freya is nearly past childbearing age. O RLY. That means she can wake up from hibernation first, wake up Jochi who surely is needed for engineering genius, and get it on with him. She could go live in a tiny ferry habitat and have a baby inoculated with his prion resistance. (Or total lack of archeocryptolith prions means they just have a baby) Look, I'm shipping them, I can't help it.

What will the return to Earth reveal! Traditional possibilities:

* The Earth sucks and they don't really want them back
* They are zillionaires now from good investments and because lab mice are extinct on earth and they can sell them for exotic pets
* The ones left behind in Tau Ceti system have already invented hyperspace and anti-aging formula based on Aurora rock viruses, and zip back to Earth just as the decelerating crisis is going on, and save the day.
* Or, other way around, Jochi and Frey and their new genius prion AI genetically manipulated baby invent gravity control AND hyperspace and then can go back to rescue the "devolved" Stayers at Tau Ceti. Devolution stuff sometimes feels a little insulting to people of actual islands.
* Let us meld with Ships, and scatter like dandelion fluff to the galaxy and beyond, creating a complicated, wholesome economy!
* Plus, entire Earth is its own island really. Maybe the point!
* Gentlemen, I present to you: Genesis. Life -- from lifelessness.
* Venom cock suddenly arrives.
* Or perhaps everything is depressing.
* Other planets just won't work. They are poison! We have to stay in our solar system and cultivate our own garden. The end!
* All the humans work hard, but then they die. The Ship must negotiate its new relationship, unmediated, with the suspicious Earthers. (And... their AIs?)
* Alien contact. Aurora is ALIVE... and conscious... it's like NANOCONSCIOUS.... and its winds were it singing a song of warning.

I could go on. But it's bedtime. Onward to the actual book.

Date: 2015-12-03 02:37 pm (UTC)
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I just finished it, myself. I wrote a review on Goodreads here. I seem to have enjoyed it a lot less than other people did, which makes me wonder what I was missing.

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