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I liked it just as well the second time. More time to appreciate the design of all the objects and the composition of some of the beautiful shots (the giant spaceship over the planet, rey in the huge wreck, etc) I hope Maz comes back as a character. This time around I extra loved Rey's snarl in the psychic warfare and in the light saber battle.

My back is not doing too well, back on gabapentin at night. Both sides. I am overdue for those cortisone injections. I also smashed my foot (like a toe stub but last 2 toes) Something is swollen and wrong in there with very sharp pain. I dealt with it yesterday but today was harder. Then a guy at the movies kicked it and stepped on it so it is worse tonight (though I was right to wear the big signifying boot to keep it all still.... it needs to have steel toes!)

Tomorrow taking Dashboard the cat to the vet, then someone is coming over to change my car battery and haul off some junk. I will only be nominally at work. Low key going through some bugs.

Then go back at 4pm to the spca to do the adoption papers and pick up the spayed cat. I recognize all the signs of not doing too well with mobility but I am pretty sure I have to do the errand myself because I signed all the papers and stuff originally.

Ice on my foot and on my back.

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