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I am over the cold, and the jet lag, and it's a sunny day!

I dug out the hole for the giant lavender plant and got it into the ground in the side yard. It was overridden in its big container by something that I think is calendula which I brought in pots from the front yard in RWC. It has survived all this time but not bloomed yet, and it should do much better in the ground where it can send down its deep roots! Plus, stop drowning my container plants it was supposed to share with.

Doing that plus putting in a load of laundry exhausted me pretty well, I' really like to garden more but I got not only bone tired but out of breath doing that much. Hello that was only like 15 minutes of mild physical exertion. Usually I have way more stamina than this. Yesterday, I went out and it is too much to just sit upright in a cafe for a few hours apparently. So, will work on being active in short bursts through the day and over the weekend. I'd like to be in better condition for the trip in a few weeks.

Maybe will rest a bit, work more on bugs, then settle myself outside with a cold drink for another hour of sun out there while it's nice.

Date: 2016-07-03 11:06 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] alexbayleaf
Doesn't sound like a calendula. Calendula doesn't have fuzzy, big, pale leaves. Obviously you should take a pic!

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