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Reading an amusing book called The Tribe of Tiger which someone left on my free bookshelf and it keeps crossing the line between journalism and talking to your friend down the street for their opinions on cat behavior, and including many anecdotes of the author's own cats and her son's barn cats. The writing style can get a little pompous (in a way that isn't displeasing)

Yet perhaps the most interesting observation ever made about dog and cat tracks was also made by Sue Morse, and is this: that a dog walking on a soft matrix such as dust, mud, or snow leaves a tiny ridge of the matrix between the toes and the large pad, as if between the tips of the bent fingers and the forward edge of the palm if a similar print were made by a human being. In other words, a dog grasps the earth as he walks, squeezing up some of the matrix if it's soft enough. A cat, in contrast, lays down his foot very smoothly, gently, leaving no mark but the faint dents of his pads and only then if conditions are optimal, such as after a dusting of fresh snow.

Pausing to look up Sue Morse. Cat expert?? or author's friend from down the road?!!!

Behold Sue Morse, naturalist and expert on animal tracking!!

Expect more cat book quotes soon; I'll have to leaf back through the book to find the parts that made me laugh.

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