Dear Rare Male Slash Writer

May. 27th, 2017 03:11 pm
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Dear Rare Male Slash Writer,

Links to my fandom pages:

Maeve of Winter on AO3

Maeve of Winter on Tumblr

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WhimsicalNixie on LiveJournal

Maeve of Winter on Imzy

Maeve of Winter on

Wishing you well! This my first time participating, and I'm very excited!

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Red Seas Under Red Skies (Gentleman Bastard, #2)Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


This book is awesome.

It is full of lady pirates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not sure I can be more coherent than that.

I laughed out loud multiple times. I cried multiple times. I cannot wait to start the third book, and I know for certain when I finish it, I will be pissed off that Lynch hasn't yet published the next four books promised in the series.

The plotting in these books is so masterful. I am in awe. And jealous.

Once again, I am left desperately wishing for an HBO series of these books to watch.

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Endings and Possibilities

May. 27th, 2017 07:14 pm
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1) I'll have some info from the Whedoncon and my trip in the next post, but in the meantime, some thoughts about recent news.

I didn't think Imzy stood much of a chance but I wasn't expecting it to close less than a year out of beta. I was particularly surprised given that it had finally offered the ability to follow people as well as communities. However, given ever fewer flickers of life on the site as each month passed, the decision certainly makes sense. While it had a number of obstacles to use, really my feeling is that its fundamental mistake was at the beginning -- it required coding. Read more... )

2) Since the announcement a number of people have been sharing (or spamming) new social media sites looking for participants. That's been interesting to check out as well. One plus is that a number of people are going to take a look at DW. I'd really like to see that translate into community activity.

I've been checking out some other sites I've seen mentioned following Imzy's announcement, such as Snapzu (some interesting content shared, but all links elsewhere) but I haven't seen anything particularly compelling. Anyone else see potentially interesting new platforms?

3) Some recent stats on what happened with publishing in 2016. "We now live in a world where 69 percent of book sales — print, digital, and audio — are online and only 31% in brick-and-mortar stores. For kids books, fiction and non-fiction, that’s a bit under half. For adult books, fiction and non-fiction, that’s about three-quarters!" For "online" read largely Amazon. And now it's building brick and mortar shops too.

What's really interesting to see is how indie dominated categories get lumped into larger groupings, obscuring both their popularity and their numbers -- such as African American fiction.Read more... )

Saturday Yardening

May. 27th, 2017 06:24 pm
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Today we went to Champaign for shopping.  The weather was mostly cool and pleasant.  Now it is warm, damp, and full of bugs.  >_<

Round 1, I planted two wave petunias, one in a pot and one in the barrel garden; plus a packet of chive seeds in the septic garden. 

EDIT 5/27/17: Round 2, my partner Doug raked grass and I helped haul it away.

EDIT 5/27/17: Round 3, I trimmed grass around about half of the wildflower garden.

Empress and exile: Life of the Day

May. 27th, 2017 11:17 pm
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Today's biography from the Oxford DNB:
Eugénie (1826-1920), empress of the French and exile

Garden is in

May. 27th, 2017 05:35 pm
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I spent the day putting in the garden: tomatoes, basil, green peppers, broccoli, parsley, cilantro (first time I'd tried it) and marigolds. All in containers, except the marigolds. I'm using the containers as a sort of quick "raised bed" so I don't have to do so much bending to weed and cultivate, and in the hopes that it will confuse the rabbits and squirrels. Marigolds I'm not worried about. Nothing eats marigolds, including me. They are just for decoration. And I watered everything using am empty gallon jug; containers need to be watered more. I have to find the garden hose - I know it's in the basement, somewhere.

It is now officially summer.

Okay, that part was not fluff

May. 27th, 2017 10:34 pm
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Today’s words: 1K of words on what a decade of chronic pain can do to your sex life and body image. *feels wrung out like a rag* Jesus. I mean, it’s in service of ultimate fluff, but that was some seriously NiF-level angst, there.

I think I need a drink.

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May. 27th, 2017 05:15 pm


18 May. 27th, 2017 04:59 pm

Adventure Week Has Ended!

May. 27th, 2017 02:08 pm
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I'd love to hear about your experiences! How did you take advantage of the four times as fast? What rock types did you catch? Did the recent nest migration benefit you?

I walked to evolve to: Jynx, Croconaw, Quilava, Meganium, Marowak, Kingler, Ninetails, and Wartortle.

My rock type catches to evolutions: Golem, Steelix, Rhydon, Omastar, Kabutops, Shuckle, and Magcargo.

I was able to evolve to Alakazam, thanks to my local nest.

And I caught a Yanma!

Recent egg hatches: Gligar! And enough Drowzee for a Hypno.

London ComicCon

May. 27th, 2017 09:35 pm
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We've lived here for four and a half years, and today was the first time we actually went down to London for one of the biannual MCM ComicCons down there. Why now? Two words: Donnie Yen!

Darling [personal profile] doctorskuld is pretty much a lifelong fan, and of course she accidentally fell really deep into the Baze/Chirrut corner of Rogue One fandom so.

It was an interesting experience! I've only been to cons in Japan before (JumpFesta, Comiket and other doujinshi events), and this was definitely different. Most like JumpFesta than anything else, with the stages and goods booths and whatnot?

But Japanese cons don't have (or haven't had - who knows what's changing) bag checks - and having them sadly felt good after the week we've had here in the UK. There were also sniffer dogs both outside and wandering the exhibition centre, and as you can see they were GOOD DOGS who kept us all very safe. ♥

The crowd control wasn't bad, either - like, not Japanese standards, because these weren't Comiket level crowds, but serious kudos to Transport London for their work outside the event and staff for everything they did inside to direct people, keep lines manageable and generally be helpful and attentive.

Once inside I found myself still operating mostly on Japanese con protocol, which includes stuff like NO PICTURES of anything ever - I took a few snapshots, but I kept waiting for there to be some kind of cosplay area where pics were welcome? Which is obviously not how this con worked - lots of people were stopping cosplayers and asking for pics wherever they happened to come across them! But I never quite worked up the courage to do the same...

There were lots of really good cosplays though! Some of my favorites were Yotsuba's carboard robot, an Al from FMA with glowing red eyes, a Victor & Yuuri couple where Yuuri was pantsless and had his tie around his head, a lava-flowing Akainu, Jedi!Ariel (yes, the mermaid), Stormtroopers in helmets with stormtrooper-pattern suits carrying clipboards reading IMPERIAL (TORY) MANIFESTO, an inflatable t-rex, Jesus, and a little group of Gintama cosplayers that I loved just because Gintama.

And I think I caught a glimpse of someone cosplaying a Jaran rider from the Kate Elliot series I've been reading?? I mean I could be wrong - they were heading up some stairs and when I followed them they were lost in the crowd so I didn't get a chance to ask which I totally regret. But they fit the description of one of the main characters exactly, which is so weird?! Is there some other show/film/manga that features someone in a red silk shirt with embroidered hems and sleeves, black trousers, black boots and a close-cropped black beard? Like. It was a full-on cosplay beard. I am so curious now - I wish I'd called out to them, but I was so busy thinking I must be missing something because surely nobody would be cosplaying Ilya Bakhtiian...? But maybe they did. Missed connection sadness!

My least favorite costume of the day was a grown-ass dude in a t-shirt that read "Breast cancer awareness week: we stare because we care" UGH GROSS BAN MEN.

We got good spots for Donnie Yen's Q&A (here at 48:29), and Skuld got a lovely photo off the assembly line photo shoot. Not too much queuing - well. Maybe an hour for the photo shoot? And then we were supposed to walk out and grab the prints, but there'd been some kind of glitch so there was a whole crowd milling about outside the photo print place. When they finally fixed it and ended up with a bunch ready there might've been as many as a hundred people waiting, meaning they couldn't just slap the prints down on a table without causing chaos... What ended up happening was the staff literally holding photos up over their heads and yelling vague descriptions:

"Rogue One T-Shirt!"
"Pink Shorts With Child!"
"Guy with, uh, glasses? Wait that's all of you I can't use that.."

It definitely broke the annoyed sort of tension that had been brewing, and sent us off smiling, so good work staff!

We had some overpriced and underwhelming Japanese festival food for lunch, eaten on the floor, but I'm not complaining because it's been ages since I've had takoyaki and the floor was kept tidy by attentive staff.

I didn't think we'd buy anything, but OOPS. There were Bandai figures on sale (a £10 Chopper and a £5 Barto Club ship are both steals), and we happened across the last copy of the most recent One Piece art book that we've been meaning to get... and then I found the next volumes of both Princess Jellyfish and Vinland Saga and they had Junji Ito's Cat Diary which we've been wanting for ages because it's THE BEST... and then there were a bunch of Scandinavia and the World books including ENGLAND so we snatched that one (the booth seller was Swedish and we were both so excited to speak Swedish and both like "...wait it's been so long how does this language work?!") and Skuld had a fandom friend selling original stuff there so of course we had to get some annnnnnnnd then we got some cute stationary stuff because hey why not but that's really it.


YOW -> YYZ -> MUC -> DUS

May. 27th, 2017 05:24 pm
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I'm off on a work trip to Wuppertal, Germany -- so flying in to Dusseldorf. I've currently made it to YYZ, and have a few hours here to wait.

I did manage to sneak in a few hours of climbing this morning before my 4pm departure from Ottawa, which was sweet, as it was quite a nice day.

Dept. of Union Stuff

May. 27th, 2017 02:52 pm
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Day Two of Vacation: A Request

After my brief, but heartfelt, snarl about one of the awful people with whom I'm forced to negotiate, I realized I haven't told anyone about the miserable news we folks at my immediate company heard concerning Chicago news. Michael Ferro, who bought the Chicago Sun-Times several years ago, drove it even further into the ground than Conrad Black had left it; who gave the Sun-Times holding company the ridiculous name Wrapports;who sold all the Sun-Times suburban publications to the Chicago Tribune Publishing Company, thereby freeing the suburban properties - we thought - from his bizarre, self-aggrandizing, and supremely anti-journalistic ass;  who then jumped ship so that he could become majority shareholder at Chicago Tribune Publishing, ensuring that we couldn't be free of the bastard; who proceeded to rename the Tribune after the sound a flatulent goose makes when trod upon (and even the Trib didn't deserve "tronc") - has now turned around and plans to buy the Chicago Sun-Times, which he ensured would be barely breathing by the time he did so. 

We believe he plans to kill the Sun-Times, somewhere between 18 and 24 months from the time he gets his claws on it. He's a mean, vicious creature, and we believe that -  not content with having used the Sun-Times as the platform from which he could reach his real goal, the Trib and it's network (the L.A. Times, Hartford Courant and others) not content with having sucked the lifeblood out of the Sun-Times in his quest - he actually wants to kill it, so that Chicago become a one-paper town, like too many major markets in the United States. As I said; mean and vicious.

Thus far the Department of Justice's antitrust division appears to be paving the way for Ferro to do this; here are a couple of stories about the proposed sale. You be the judge when it comes to how carefully the antitrust boys are looking at this. 

The NewsGuild is trying to stop this, or at least slow it down so that other potential buyers could be found to save the Sun-Times. Part of our strategy is this petition. Consider signing it; no matter where you live, the continuing health of news outlets should be a concern. If you decide to sign, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. 

Interview with Priest

May. 27th, 2017 10:40 pm
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New interview with Christopher J.Priest - about the upcoming turning point in Deahtstroke's life.

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