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Also from the other night's party - from another person.

Snow Girl: I was thinking of you when I was in Boulder, and thinking that there just weren't any disabled people there. It would be too hard to live there. So it's no wonder that I see them all the time on the street in Berkeley, but never did in Boulder. I mean, the snow piles up on the sidewalks and on the shady side of the street sometimes they just never shovel it. So it makes sense that all the disabled people would just move to Berkeley, where it's like a little nation of people in wheelchairs and they have more services and there's no snow.

Me: Well, actually, it might be that people who have the means to move, could get out of the snow which is why so many older people go to Florida or Arizona. But other people can't just up and move. And their only community or family support might be there. Usually, the LAW is that people have to shovel their sidewalks and the streets have to get plowed. In fact you should take a look at this guy in Boston who blogs all about it. Also, you might not have grown up seeing disabled people on the street because they were stuck at home or an institution because of there being no accessibility. And if I lived there I would move mountains to live in a building with covered underground parking.

*thinking*... Who thinks that it is just that easy, to up and move cities? Oh, I'm crippled... so... I'll JUST MOVE.


It's all interesting, and this was from a nice enough person whose company I enjoy, but there's a gulf of alienation between our viewpoints. That (and having not a lot of energy) is why I am tending lately to hang out only with people I know incredibly well.

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