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A while ago I was looking something up on and started browsing their encyclopedia of biographies. Came across Octavia Victoria Rogers Albert and ended up ordering her book, The House of Bondage, or, Charlotte Brooks and Other Slaves, first published in 1890.

Rogers tells the stories of her neighbors and friends who came out from under slavery in the Southern U.S. She adds in commentary and some interviewing. The prefaces and introductions alone are enough reason to buy this awesome book as they list out books by black women in the 1800s and explain the thought behind this book series - The Schomburg Library of Nineteenth Century Black Women Writers. Here is a great place to start with some narratives of life on Louisiana plantations, of preaching Protestant sermons and hymns against orders from Catholic masters, of later reuniting & proud parents crying as their sons and daughters graduate from college... Very intense.

The entire Schomburg Library series looks good. They're small pocket books and nicely bound & printed.

I recommend you add to this: "A Voice from the South" by Anna Julia Cooper, which explains intersectionality of gender, and race so well and, fuck, she quotes Madame de Stael and just generally rocks. And "The Value of Race Literature" by Victoria Earle Matthews.

They go well together!

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