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vainly wanting to bring my boots. But they're huge and heavy and actually i can't find them

vanity? cleaning the closet to find them? sensibleness? packing light, as i keep vowing I'll learn to do?

My nice crutches woudl also be nice to have, but I might stick with the cane (harder AND easier on the plane)

On the other hand, have 2 rather nice burly companions to carry boots and crutches.

But in practice I know I won't have the stamina to go out on crutches and wander the con, and I can't carry them well while in the chair, so cane it is.

What to do! Boots? Am consoling myself with the thought I am still cute without shiny boots. BUT I LOVE THEM SO.
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I am sure there are people who have never, ever talked meanly about a friend they loved and enjoyed. But I've been guilty of it - to blow off steam when annoyed or to show off or be "witty". I could just faintly see that a person could do that, but on a huge scale.

The part I find it hard to believe is thinking that a convention full of geeks + google means that stuff shows right up in people's RSS feeds and alerts. Also ? 4chan and SA person and posts about how to troll, cannot be innocent.

I think of all the times I have been upset and had to deal, and the times I have had to talk down my glorious, wonderful, brave, freaky, wild genius friends because of the moments of disjunction, and I am still so angry.

Anyway I am too tired and vicodined to think, but am home finally. Gloriousness! Bed! Cats! Not being on a horrible airplane!

In other news...

On the plane I read an awesome Ken McLeod book which I did not notice the name of, about a project manager who has sex with an inexplicably hot nymphmaniac spy and then another inexplicably hot shaved-headed nymphomaniac space pilot. Meanwhile, lots of amusing politics, giant space squid, lizardy grey flying saucer aliens who are kind of sexy, the Oort cloud and asteroid belt is full of microscopic stromatolite god-aliens, really you can't go wrong. I marked all the annoying sexist bits in the inside back cover.

Also read Sylvia Kelso's Amberlight which I enjoyed very much for her odd and poetic language, very leapy & coiled & springy - and the gender reversals & oiled men with gilded calves kept in Towers by their grim warrior wives who are also super rich and powerful because of matriarchal hereditary ability to communicate with alien consciousness energy/electric/magic stone which they quarry (WHILE ON THEIR PERIODS DUH) & sculpt and which is a thinly veiled metaphor for political power. They sell the statue things to foreign governments who use them to oppress & conquer. The guy who Tellurin, the protagonist rescues (from being left for dead in gutter after brutal gang rape) Ohh, this is about to be a spoiler. No, I'll write about it when I have more energy & can be more coherent. Tellurin thinks he is really hot and objectifies him at every turn especially when he's fierce yet helpless; angry & psychologically damaged; reluctant yet tarting himself up with the gold nipple paint for her anyway. Let's just say, it's kind of hot, but also problematic and instructive. I very much enjoyed the motivations of the characters and the HUGE BATTLES with lasers and mirrors and catapults & explosions. Do people give up privilege and power easily? NO THEY DO NOT. The end!
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kim & chris
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Janice and I came out of the Guests of Honor reading, which I live blogged and went into the first place that struck our fancy which was a nepalese restaurant! kalmn and ian and lisac and others were there. I love this restaurant and will keep coming back all weekend, I think! the spinach potato thing, omg, yum, and the soup. i liked the onion dumpling soup but not the actual onion dumplings. the roti was hot and nicely crispy just on the edges & the dal was green with "special nepalese spices". So good! Though, the bathroom is not super accessible. The men's room, maybe a bit more so. Oh for a handrail (i am soo needing handrails today!)

Every! thing! has! exclamations! sorry! i am so tired, i'm hyper, and then Janice and I went to the bar in the hotel and ran into like 9 jillion lovely people and talked about books and I had some Cosmospolitans. Janice let me taste her PB&J Mar-Timmi, and Shaun(a) let me taste her Hal 2008 which was way too intense. Naamen got realy really funny about Laurell K. Hamilton and I started spouting off about how awful/great/funny The Coelura is, like barbie coloring book from 1972, but in space, and basically you WEAR THESE ALIENS who make you look really fashionable to the point where no one can resist you and you naturally rule the world but only if you are upper class and totally deserve it and are named Mary Sue McCaffrey. There is a lot of Swirling dramatically! So good.
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<3 <3 giant crush on everyone in the room in the 10:30pm criticism panel. Critical theory nerds!

especially Andrea! i love her bubbliness and she makes me suddenly think that drama criticism is the damned coolest thing on the planet. i mean, she could sell me a car.

Paul Kincaid asks a room of 25+ people:

How many of us here write reviews? (everyone)
How many of us here read reviews? (everyone)
How many of us here write criticism? (almost everyone)
How many of us here read criticism? (almost everyone)
How many of us here read criticism FOR PLEASURE? (almost everyone)
How many of us here read theory? (almost everyone)
How many of us here read theory for pleasure? (still quite a ridiculous amount of us) (everyone looks around and giggles, slightly abashed)

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Yoon Ha wearing a kimono to the cultural appropriation panel. hahahaa! yay performativity...

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