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Man it is no fair every time I would turn off the little camera Naamen would start flipping out and saying something outrageous about alien dick.

There was some detailed conversation about Derek Bell's "Space Traders" (it is in Dark Matter) and its sequel "Aliens in a land called home" and how there is a Space Traders movie which was only on VHS but sometimes turns up on Amazon, used.

Susan Wright story, aliens come and will cure everything, the government just has to sell people to them and it ends up being for horrible torture and if that was it, that would suck, but in the sequel to that one she (main char) fights in revolution against aliens and the government.

Several people told interesting stories with the theme of, a fucked up thing happening and then a person calling the fucker-upper on it and them coming back with "shut up you fat bitch". The use of "fat bitch" to end discussion like it is the ultimate trump that means you don't get to say anything or have any boundaries!

What to do in the WTF moment (ktempest talkinga bout this) when you are offended against or it isn't you but you know it is incredibly offensive to someone, what to do? How to act? What to say?

Me: *vague theory about how now we have increasing trust that we get to respond later, time delay, and in public call it out and now wiscon has that expectation now*

ladyjax: hollaback moments. hollaback nyc site.

ktempest: i whip out my camera and they go away (on street harassment)

Hmmmmm! That's a thought!

ldyjax talking about running a con (what con, i have never been?) and we talked about femslash & slash & yaoicon & naamen told us about the yaoicon auction & charliegrrl also did. i had trouble articulating my discomfort there. something about sex work, and context, and race, and especially, thinking of my son and just having my brain fry. Will try to articulate later. ladyjax said it well though about deciding to do a thing in a feminist context where you are pretty sure it is and will stay there, vs. not.

(a couple more videos coming in a minute, need to switch connections)

(I am NOT drunk in this video, just really tired, it's 1am or so, 3rd night in a row staying up late.)

What I learned at WisCon

I swear to god every time I'd think the naamen had wound down suddenly he was bubbling with the goddamned muppet heads or vampires and werewolves looking for an apartment until I was hysterical with laughter.
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kim & chris
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Janice and I came out of the Guests of Honor reading, which I live blogged and went into the first place that struck our fancy which was a nepalese restaurant! kalmn and ian and lisac and others were there. I love this restaurant and will keep coming back all weekend, I think! the spinach potato thing, omg, yum, and the soup. i liked the onion dumpling soup but not the actual onion dumplings. the roti was hot and nicely crispy just on the edges & the dal was green with "special nepalese spices". So good! Though, the bathroom is not super accessible. The men's room, maybe a bit more so. Oh for a handrail (i am soo needing handrails today!)

Every! thing! has! exclamations! sorry! i am so tired, i'm hyper, and then Janice and I went to the bar in the hotel and ran into like 9 jillion lovely people and talked about books and I had some Cosmospolitans. Janice let me taste her PB&J Mar-Timmi, and Shaun(a) let me taste her Hal 2008 which was way too intense. Naamen got realy really funny about Laurell K. Hamilton and I started spouting off about how awful/great/funny The Coelura is, like barbie coloring book from 1972, but in space, and basically you WEAR THESE ALIENS who make you look really fashionable to the point where no one can resist you and you naturally rule the world but only if you are upper class and totally deserve it and are named Mary Sue McCaffrey. There is a lot of Swirling dramatically! So good.

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