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This morning I went to some of the Class Issues in SF and Fantasy panel and took some notes and then I got incredibly restless and went to go lie down & ended up in the dealers room gossiping about books and buying things. I now have an enormous stack of books. Basically I gave Aqueduct back my entire royalty check. Then rode around the Farmers' Market but it was far too crowded for a bike so I rode around the perimeter, bought some cheese curds & bread, went to hotel room realizing my legs hurt too much for a bike ride. I laid around taking notes and resting.

Then went off at 2:30 to the Postcolonial Steampunk: A Global Perspective panel, which was GREAT. I transcribed the whole panel with fair accuracy. It is full of typos though. I'll clean it up tomorrow and post it.

I then had to go collapse again in my room. I think Friday used up all my stamina. Also, I'm walking a lot; walking the bike if I'm using it, walking from my room to the elevator and around parties or to the pool.

Then to the "Class: who gets it right?" panel. Could not find the panelists beforehand so didn't have much idea what they wanted to talk about. I had a lot of notes of things to put out there and ask. We meandered a lot and I don't feel like I was really "on" as moderator and usually I'm more together and can get people talking to each other but that didn't quite work and instead I was incoherent. But it wasn't bad as a whole and I think there were good points made and we eventually came up with some interesting examples of books. Hilariously, the one person who began by explaining how unprepared to be on this panel was the only one who was prepared. But I liked everyone's participation. I have tons of notes there too and will post them including the list of all the books and things mentioned.

Anyway, because it was such different stuff people wanted to say, and because we had no discussion beforehand, it would have worked better structured as each person just talking about whatever their angle was at more length, in turn, then trying to slowly get to a discussion rather than my throwing topics out and wanting an immediate response.

Then talked with Mia and julianfallsdown and Carly and ended up going off to get sushi with Julian and a posse of think galactic people and Ian. Sushi was good! Discussion was better! Fic, all sorts of books, wish I could remember everything we talked about! I blathered about things like Biome II and Julian had funny stories of her road trip through the southwest and death valley and her bear-fearing friend scuffing her shoes to warn the bears. wealhtheow had stories of obsessive gaming and the sims and making these amazing sounding entire worlds and slightly creepy breeding programs with versions of all her friends and notebooks of all the details. I wished I could see this! Or that she would write a novel about someone doing that and that level of obsession. j00j and I bonded on talking about nerd things and I also got lots of awesome library tips and later in the hot tub advice about Evernote as there was a critical mass of Librarians. We caught everyone up on the Victoria Bitter/Andrew Blake thing. I didn't know Andrew Blake was shot (and survived) in a horrible murder-suicide. OMFG.

Then we all went to hang out in the hot tub and talked up a storm. Fun!!!!

Collapsed in bed, torrenting Doctor Who, briefly got to chat with zond7 who is in England en route to Beirut and then Johannesburg and who is overwhelmed with social activity and intensity! I'm now hanging out peacefully with hederahelix in bed looking at vids, blogging, gossiping about all sorts of fan things, publishing things, our 1980s prom dresses, the Azealia Trail Maidens (then i realized why her accent reminds me of Quilter's accent!) and WisCon and cons in general.

At some point while fooling about trying to find hot chocolate or tea I went out to peek at who was partying in the hallway since they sounded so convivial... it was eileen and pat and janet and matt and lots of other people. After I got my hot chocolate I went out again feeling like I loved them all and wanted to hug them because, WisCon! And they're so lovely! I felt complicated happiness and regret (again) that WisCon isn't all the time! So I hugged everyone and felt a little bit emotional.

Good night!

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