Aug. 12th, 2008

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Kind of interesting. Not representative of who I'm actually close to in RL, but I guess who shares the largest subsets of LJ readers/friends.

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The "plight" ? the whaaaaa?

Gritting my teeth over here

What the fucking fuck about the "attractiveness" and the percentages?

Just what????

racist scumbag "research"

who the hell is funding that crap?
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Well I didn't have to look very far for some Grade A weirdness from Leavitt the Freakonomics guy.

We did give some serious thought to adopting either a black child domestically, or adopting from Africa. It turns out that African adoption is extremely complicated, as Madonna discovered the hard way. Ultimately, my own view was that the identity issues faced by a black child raised by white parents would be too difficult. Some of my academic research with Roland Fryer has made clear to me the stark choices that black teens, especially boys, have to make about “who they are.” As a parent, I was not willing to take the chance on loving and raising an adopted child, only to know that when he became a teenager he would have to face the choice of being “black” or “white,” and that either choice would be very costly for him (and also for me). That same sort of racial “all or nothing” choice is not at play for Asian youths in our society.

Where to start?

I mean, I don't want to throw my laptop across the room. It works with books! Not with computers! An asthma attack or a stroke or a fucking coronary would be unproductive.

I post and contemplate.

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