Jan. 1st, 2015

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Absolutely lovely time last night with people!!!!!

frances asked if i was doing anything and I thought this is a perfect excuse to have people over. so d. and i invited around 8 people to come. He had cleaned off the desk, I got some fancy cheese and pate and port and flowers from up the hill, and cleared off the surfaces and put out all possible chairs into our tiny living room/kitchen. Bedroom also configured in couch mode for possible overflow. (Or optionally kids could be exiled to the kids room.) gus came and brought her friend jake, also yatima and jsgf and kids, frances and snail. I just really enjoyed everyone, and felt a hostess-ly glow of providing everyone with nice things, comfort, interesting people, and a sociable cat. We all talked a lot and fooled with a little puzzle game, played swish, and mostly... talked. Techy sort of gossip and internet dramas, books and games and where is the zeitgeist going. I have to go to sleep so it will go unrecorded, and much of it was so snarky that it shouldn't be recorded anyway, like making fun of various neo singularity cults, but it was super enjoyable. I really am going to make those "Have you heard the bad news about Roko's Basilisk" (And Femilisk) tshirts, I swear to god. Also it turned out everyone knew other people's subjects of gossip through some unexpected connection. Admired the amazing shawl frances made that was even more nudibranchy and delicate than the last. v. entertaining explanation of the Spelunky Eggplant solo run with link to article which I read today along with some of the bits of video. Also, yatima's oldest daughter both started playing ingress on my team and began tending a clash of clans village (I am recruiting her for our clan). Had one of those moments with younger one, who is sometimes enigmatic, where I handed her a mini-ipad and she gazed at me incredulously, like the times I suddenly give her plain white rice and mac and cheese for dinner and she goes OMG... how did you know.....

Thought how much Bryony would have liked it if I could have teleported her and fortified her with hefty doses of valium and port though 90% of the tech and weird internet culture gossip would have been arcane that is exactly what she would like about it.

Nice time today with yatima taking me along for the ride to the pool. she listened to me natter about continuous integration. which was fun. Felt suddenly like i know a fair amount of things.

I read The Secret in Miranda's Closet today and will give it to my sister. feeling slightly haunted - did I do that 10 years ago? or did i only attempt to find the book and fail?

Read Lock In. Read Say Yes to the Marquess. In past few days: Read Orleans by Sherri L. Smith. Read all the Provincial Lady books, Bouquet, and Zella Sees Herself. Also Mystery at the Rectory, Mystery in White, Gay Life, No One Now Will Know, Zebra Forest (not that good) One Came Home (meh!) The Thing About Luck (interesting but not great), One Crazy Summer (great!) P.S. Be Eleven (also good).

read and edited d.'s article over again for the nth time. he cooked a super delicious giant vat of chicken with potatoes and creamy sauce.

I hung my two big pictures somewhat crookedly the other day. (luckily before inviting people over).

I got D. to move the bed and I finished rearranging/clearing things out of our bedroom. Now there is a narrow corridor all around the bed. It is very narrow, but it means he doesn't have to climb over me to get out of bed. I removed everything that could be annoyingly knocked over and set up a million power outlets and a sort of nightstand for him. I still get the outside edge since I get up and down lot more. Our room is so small that there is not a really good configuration for the bed where you can get all the way around it, get to the closet, and open or close the door. A pocket door would improve this somewhat. A full (instead of queen) bed would not fix it (I measured when we moved in)

We need an extra couple of weeks to sort through our things and throw things away.... it is maddening. It will take me days even with extra help (which I have to have to move the big things) and many allergy attacks to remove everything from the kids room. It just all needs to come out of the room. Then only put back in a few things. Must remove their pointless, unmaintainable cubbyhole shelf thing and replace with a desk. And the horrible stack of crate-like things with art supplies and Magic cards seriously needs replacing with the tall skinny bookshelf from rook's house and my old office. I would like to get rid of things like the 3 pirate hats. i mean fuck. one of them is nice. but it's like, do we want to spend 10% of the volume of one of our two closets on pirate hats? fuck no. no one would ever miss them either.

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