Feb. 1st, 2015

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i slept a lot this morning on and off (rare for me)
Still running a bit of a fever but i'm up and around.

D. went off to work today as he has to videoconference in or something to talk to the australian parliament. (I am not exactly clear) He went with us in a cab (all suited up fancy) to drop me and Milo off at Dossie's. we gave her the walker and hung around a bit. She can be sitting up for maybe half an hour now. really good to see her a bit more perky and out of the hospital/rehab.

Milo and i then scootered a block or so over to MIssion comics then to dog eared books and borderlands which is ... CLOSING. nooooo! i bought the new jo walton book figuring probably the kids will also read it and i can pass it around. he got amulet #6 and a neil gaiman book.

Then we had lunch at mission cheese. milo now eats a normally human amount of food and appears to have good taste. like magic! I felt happy about the 10+ years not spent trying to force him to eat food that he didn't like. yesterday, he ate a caesar salad. (had not seen him, before last fall, ever eat a vegetable or a leaf) (raw carrots excepted) This makes me feel smug. I had a small side salad. i am not eating very well. am cooking fish congee (with rock cod) for tonight.

Ran into annalee and jesse, then kiera and a friend of hers. so pleasant to go down the street in the sun and see people we know....

Back, resting, now A. came over to drop off some things. Looks like she is with us this week too, after a week at her other dad's house. So things are very lively. she is explaining the entire tv show Agent Carter to Milo.

Just City

Feb. 1st, 2015 09:47 pm
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Finished The Just City and at some point during it was laughing and laughing as I pictured it as the perfect message to the sort of old dudes who love SF and science but have perhaps not thought as much as they could have yet about volition and the equality of everyone and the workers. Including rape. So glad Jo Walton does this so I don't have to. I enjoyed it.

Milo will surely like it once he is slightly older and has read some Plato (which he will get very involved in I predict) But not now as he can still read those Lightning Thief books without cringing.

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