Feb. 9th, 2015

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I am thinking about diaries and how I organize my time. I will need to readjust things as I switch teams at work very soon.

What have I done with my time so far today?
- woke up at 7 and read Seneca essays which put me nicely back to sleep.
- woke around 8. read BBC world news and hacker news in bed. ate toast. play clash of clans on phone.
- 9 read email, bugmail, answer emails, look at bugs. tweak gmail filters, those useless fucking things. Do a little PT. Read over the bookmarked sections in Pain Mangement Survival Guide.
- put away dishes. wash dishes. realize sink is leaking. call plumber. email plumber.
- 10 look at code. read email and bug comments with advice on code. person to ask advice of is afk.
- Realize I am in massive pain and don't want to move and need tramadol. take tramadol. remind myself to take it , or at least tylenol, when i wake up first thing. Drink tea though it is not great for my stomach. Bag up kitchen trash, bathroom trash, and scoop the catbox. Trash is outside the back door for now.
- File crash bugs. Feel somewhat inadequate that i don't understand better. Think about what i do understand and feel happier. At least i am getting the ball rolling.
- 11am adn now it's meeting time (company wide meeting which i just need to listen to)

I will meditate and do PT at noon and then maybe bake some scones. i also hope my sister will come over.

I like the idea of morning routine including:

- Read reminders from Pain Mgmt guide, Mind over Mood, Marcus Aurelius (M.A. and Seneca also good for middle of the night waking along with very boring roman histories)
- Take tylenol or tramadol or maybe both. (check with dr)
- Gentle PT (not the whole routine)
- The HN and BBC reading is not so bad I think. It is the equiv of reading the paper. The thing to avoid is the FB endless scroll.
- Crash bugs are a nice easy thing to do on Monday morning to get me going even though it is not really my job to do any more. It will be good for me to know what is up on Nightly and to eyeball the crash rate. Maybe limit this to 30 min to an hour. It is also good to fill in times between meetings.
- Assess schedule for the day and the week (this is also good to do sunday night with my big calendar on the door)

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