Feb. 11th, 2015

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Noting today as I fiddled with my personal wiki. I use Tiddlywiki as a sort of worklog, in my browser, which saves as a single html file on my desktop. Actually I have a personal one and a work one. The work one had a page I was using early on at Mozilla to keep track of people (staff or volunteer) I should know and recognize or have talked with about something. Because I am not very good at remembering people. Or that is how I perceive it when someone recognizes me and I don't recognize them.

This list started with around 10 people, went to 20 quickly, then more like 50. It felt like massive overload. Now I look at that list and have to laugh. At this point after 2 years I know hundreds of people and have some idea of what teams they are on or what they do and maybe their real name, IRC name, where they live (for a rough idea of time zone).

Things were similar at BlogHer, really; I knew hundreds of bloggers and their work or what they had talked about at panels over many of our conferences. Even with this I am constantly amazed at the depth of knowledge (about other people) that folks have who have worked there for many more years.

It is kind of intense. Also, I like it and think everyone is very interesting. But the company has expanded past the point where you can be aware of everyone (long ago)

Girding my lions to think about work from a whole different angle coming up very soon!!!

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