Feb. 16th, 2015

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And I just woke up to prepare myself mentally for work and realized it is still the weekend! Huzzah!!!!! I will do my taxes in celebration.

Friday I worked hard, then took Milo out to high tea. He liked the tiny sandwiches and scones and crumpet and petit four and salad and fruit but not the actual tea. While I went to therapy he read comic books at the nearby library where I then joined him to work some more. We looked into 2 shoe stores but they didn't really have anything that appealed to him. He has always worn non-laceup shoes like vans or merrils and tried to talk himself into laces and failed. We walked all the way there and back playing ingress and talking. Super nice day.

Sat. I fooled with my container plants and cleaned the porch some more from its rainy season cruft and trash and spiders. We all 4 walked down to 24th and the cultural center where there was music and cake. We also had tacos and stopped at the fizzary. ada got a small set of pan pipes. Perfect weather. danny then was super tired and slept a lot. he is still getting over his cold. I trimmed the plants on the side path to the garage and swept it.

sunday i did more plant fiddling. yatima stopped by for tea on the porch. danny and I went up the hill and grocery shopped together which is always nice. f and cmex came over and stayed till dinnertime. So the clean front porch got a lot of use. we had a great time and some hilarious conversations. f. plied and wound some greeny-yellow yarn on a giant spindle and a thing called a niddy-noddy. moomin was out at a game con with his dad. a. and yatima's daughter hung out much of the afternoon there or here. I cooked spaghetti and meatballs (sitting down) and had some pulled pork in the slow cooker all night.

today i am physically shaky and realizing i overdid things yesterday walking around the house and garden. each porch sweeping or gardening feels possible and even good while i'm doing it but I get too gung-ho and over do it. I have at least figured out taking allergy meds beforehand is a good idea! I scrubbed half the porch railings yesterday (sitting down) and did not realize till bedtime that I had screwed up my right hand doing that. I iced it a lot in the night waking up from the pain. It is going to be hard not to clean the rest of the things today. I have all this energy from the zoloft, i think, but not the physical stamina. Though, I just did 3 really nice not-staying-in-bed days with going out each day, and I think have not fucked up yet, I need a "down" day for my knees and ankles...

wonder if my pool is open today? I could go swim!

Must let my hand rest. more reading, less scrubbing ?

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