Apr. 3rd, 2015

mix tapes

Apr. 3rd, 2015 01:05 pm
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I made 2 playlists (one done, one still under construction)

I was thinking that I miss creating the physical objects: decorated, handwritten or printed cassette tape cases or cd sleeves. Making art as a computer image, well I have no practice at that and it also just doesn't seem like any fun. Hmmmmm. Also, I am making this in spotify so it would be a lot of effort to get all these songs in a format burnable on a cd. it would be nice if spotify had an "upload image" option for playlists!

Anyway, as I voyaged about looking for things for this (very poppy) mix, I discovered that I really like the group Vampire Weekend. passion pit is also good (less interesting rhythmically, but has a dreamy 80s new wave thing going on) I also enjoyed listenning to some Mac Miller.

I have consistent taste in liking songs that open quickly, vary their rhythmical structure, and while this is optional i like a lot of brass.... lyrics need not be perfectly applicable to the mood but it's nice if there is a good line or two. I ended up rejecting some songs because the lyrics turned out to be unexpectedly horrible once I read them.

I don't know what current music styles are even called. For a while I did go down a rat hole called "new american weird". I would like to figure out what the pop music with weird electronic noises in it, that isn't dubstep, might be called, if anything. Or if not electronic noises, something like, very bendy sounds and being slightly out of tune on purpose. (as in the song While I'm Alive by STRFKR) I would also like more like Tkay Maidza.

Music recs welcome!!

What are you listening to or exploring that is new to you?

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