Jun. 11th, 2015

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Things going super well but I am maybe overworking a bit. Allergy attacks in the night waking me up a lot. Last week or 3, ankles bad. I keep saying to the physical therapist they are bad but he has been acting kind of dismissive. Not sure what to think there. But I am not getting any .. advice or help I guess. I got the boots back out last week at some point when I decided i wanted to walk around the back patio and go up and down the stairs and do some laundry and stuff. Then I realized i was crying on the bus with anticipation that i could get home and put on the night splints to keep my ankles still and my feet flexed. (hard to lift up my foot to keep it with my toes not pointing down. My calves and ankles hurt like fury. Anyway, general knee/hand/ankle burning/inflammation feeling. I am worried a lot that this is like heading into flare up land. I need to change up something. Go into different mode. Ice ankles several times a day, wear the splints at night.

Frustrating as i want to go out , see mad max this weekend, go to the body of work performance next week, go to a party on thurs, go to amy schumer and then I have to fly to vancouver for work for a week. I am obviously not going to be able to last out the week. I will have to work out so that I don't go to the morning all-hands part, and just go to the afternoon bits. I don't know how I can manage it even with that. I also need better painkillers. I took a vicodin and it isn't even touching the pain.

did i bring this on? too much going out? walking around? working too long hours? I am doing all the PT. should i call my doctor? what is even the point in that. :(

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