Jul. 13th, 2015

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It comforted me that once I increased the gabapentin (900mg 3x a day) I didn't even think about taking vicodin. Not that I ahve taken very much of it but when I have to take it steadily for even a few days I worry that someone will think I am addicted. Once again, I can report that I can be taking 5mg of vicodin 4 times a day (a piddling amount) for days, and then go off it and not care as long as I am not in pain and therefore I conclude that I need not worry about opiate addiction. Even if it would be a different story if I were on heavy doses for months and then had to go off, I don't feel a "tendency" to be addicted to anything at all!

My goal for today was going to be, no extra painkillers other than gabapentin but I think it should instead be "appropriate pain control". we will see
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I just read a bunch of these, and can heartily recommend books 1 through 3. In book 1 we meet Jacky, an orphan girl from London during the Napoleonic War era. She is part of a street urchin thief gang that lives under a bridge. Then she disguises herself as a boy and goes to sea. Naval battles and adventures! In Book 2 she has been discovered to be a girl and sent to boarding school in Boston. She still has lots of adventures and it's really good. Book 3 she has more nautical adventures, going on a whaler, then a ship that basically turns pirate and privateer. Irish politics are touched on.

I liked that the books are very anti-slut-shaming on all counts. Swashbuckling and adventures. The girls constantly kill people who threaten them. There is threat of rape and even a girl telling about past rape but it didn't feel badly done. Quite the reverse, it was satisfying.

Trigger warning: stupid racism against African American and Native Americans in Book 4.
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