Aug. 8th, 2015

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Well it's 5 weeks since the shingles started!!! I had 3 weeks out of work and then went back to work a little more each day. Then on Thursday this week, I was so exhausted I planned to take it specially easy, stop working at 1pm and then just check back in later in the afternoon/evening. Instead, that day I worked from 7am till 10pm. I went to lunch with my sister and was keeping an eye on things. Just as I was about to stop work around 3 or 4 it became clear it was going to have to be a sudden security release (which we call a chemspill). Holy crap!

I was crying by 5:30 and thinking I couldn't do it. My co-worker in France who knows more (in theory) was asleep and our boss was trying to ease off (after covering for me and Mr. France for weeks) and plus he has small children. My coworker here is fabulous but newer than I am at it, and I didn't know how to loop her in usefully (plus it was the end of her day and her kids are littles). Had a cup of tea, paid attention to my sister telling me to put down the computer for a minute, called my boss and got my 2nd wind pretty sure I could deal. And by that time I had all the strings gathered. Anyway, got it all knit together. We had a fix already and just had to make sure to coordinate a lot of people and the stuff they do. Builds take some time so it was important to kick them off as soon as possible. Put it all to bed with email to all the people who could kick it along over the night, and who would wake up to it in the morning. (Different shifts).

One interesting thing was that some people from other teams had also never been through the process. All good for us to get the practice. Sometimes people have to be encouraged to blurt out in public channels that they don't know, either (when i say i don't know) We also had funny conversations where 3 people would be asserting what they thought was true, and after 10 or 15 or more minutes we would slowly realize we were all wrong. (And why). Now, imagine our embarrassment but my realistic view is that most people in the real world would not realize they were (collectively or separately) wrong, or only after days or longer, and they wouldn't all admit it in front of each other or the rest of the teams. That is fantastic and it's how things get better. It's part of what I like about the culture there. I'm so proud to work with all these people.

I know not all of the company operates like that but most of the engineering facing people do. I love that. It's what I was looking for when i went to work there.

The extra bonuses are nice too.

Anyway, we turned it around in a day (26 hours was what I heard though that is not from the start of the realization there was a bad bug)

Did all that while still on a lot of gabapentin and dizzy and with blurred vision. (It gets worse towards end of day) I am about halfway tapered now from the 3600 mg/day dose.

I woke up to move it along more, and also to the news of my bonus and an extra bonus (because my pay is relatively low and they are catching me up till my next raise). My coworker is now my direct manager and our former boss is one line up. After the release went out there was nice email to @all (somewhat embarrassing as I can't help but think of all the fumbling mistakes I made and the time lost to all of us being unsure) Even with those things we did it and it was awesome. I'll take the praise (and pass it along and spread it out) and the raise! Nice to be recognized for being good at things. Being good in a pinch and making decisions and communicating across many teams is one of my good skills.

The only problem is I often then fall over physically. (See: getting shingles a day after my release shipped 5 weeks ago, or likely, a day or so before as it was the night at the opera when the pain started to kick up horribly)

Trying to learn to balance that. I did rest, look up, stretch, walk around, and eat reasonably, instead of spacing out, hyperfocusing for an entire day, and going on painkillers and coffee.

I also have this week coming up as comp time (since my being ill ate up all my PTO. I planned it back in May or June. Back to the beach, this time a whole week at the beach I liked best. With zond7 and both kids. I am very excited. I have been preparing and basically gathering things to pack for the last week. Today was spent slowly packing and doing laundry and lying down in between, which I am now capable of (zond7 mostly did the laundry but I did get one load of it) I also went and had tasty brunch down the street.

Yesterday my cab ride to the pain clinic was hard enough (sitting upright, seat belt) that I am nervous about the trip and the level of pain I will be in. zond7 got a free upgrade and will give it to me so I will be in business class or whatever they call it now. Or if I luck out he will get bumped up another level and i could end up in 1st class leaving him with the kids... he will sleep thru it all though... it's one of his traveling skills!

I have sprayed myself with coconut smelling suntan oil for bed just so i can feel like i'm already there.

Also very excited to see the kids who are both at the airport or on way back now with zond7 who went to meet them. But i am too tired to be all THAT excited.

I have a cotton blend smooth tank top and some sort of "yoga shorts" (from lululemon shop when i was in Whistler) to act as my bathing suit since I don't htink I can tolerate a regular suit yet.

Pics will come soon!

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