Sep. 10th, 2015

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Just woke up from a dream where I was checking out of a hotel and the hotel people didn't want to let me use the special glass elevator so I could get out. A lady argued with me that it was against their insurance policy and it was dangerous. She tried to take my temperature. I said this was nonsense. She was walking around and could fall over or trip on something, so shouldn't be allowed out of her house without special insurance either. I ended up barrelling around her and into the weird elevator, as we kept on arguing --- making a successful escape. I was going to a celebration at Noisebridge (but it was also like my old co-op). I was going to give a short talk.

So I got on the bus (you can see where this is heading) On the bus I got out an index card to take notes for my talk. Then I had a hard time stuffing everything back into my bags, which was embarrassing. It was time to get off! Some tension over missing my stop and having to go to the next one because the driver didn't see me in time. I unfolded my scooter and scrambled to leave. The bus let me off but into a combined bus/train station and government office.

The same lady who was in the hotel (!!) leaped over to swipe a special pass thing on the gate out of the station. "Oh, since you're not riding the train, you don't have that kind of ticket, so you have to pay the entire possible ticket for train riding, which is 50 dollars plus the price of the bus on top of it." She leaned over & stuck a thermometer in my mouth! I spit it out kind of in shock someone had popped a thermometer into my mouth without my being on the ball enough to stop them. Had I even opened my mouth obediently to let it in?!

We came to a counter, which she went behind to keep demanding the 50 dollars. I said it was discrimination! It wasn't fair and equal use of the bus system and they can't charge disabled people 50 bucks (plus) for a 10 block ride! A city hall clerk or maybe the mayor looked me over and went down a hallway. "Right!" I yelled after him, "get your lawyer! That's fine!!" The lawyer appeared with some giant books! I rolled my d20 (Ok, i made that part up) The lawyer appeared with some giant books in his arms. I started to explain how it was ridiculously clear discrimination and as soon as I began to explain the thermometer, I woke up with my heart pounding.

Tried to think, no, stay asleep and finish the dream, but I started thinking it was hilarious that I had ranted twice in a dream about my rights and could not drift back into it. Plus my heart was still going a mile a minute. Better to get out of bed and type it all up for future amusement.

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