Sep. 12th, 2015

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I just finished a super, super fucked up & intense trilogy by Glenda Larke, Isles of Glory. If you like really a lot of torture and rape scenes (and I do not) and a lot of people dying then go for it. Cripes it was violent. I nearly didn't last. OK so basically, everyone lives on this archipelago. People are either normals, sylvs with healing and illusion sylvmagic, dunmagickers who have evil horrible bad corrupt magic, or Aware. The Aware can see the sylv and dun magic (glowing blue & red) and are immune to its effects. Dunmagic people can corrupt the sylvs. They have powerful mind control. Once you're infected by their dun powers you WANT not to be healed (mostly, except for that faint horror that lurks in your eyes sometimes). There are also Keepers (who are sylvs with mad wealth and political power; the Patriarchy of the Menod (god worshippers); and a hereditary island lord aristocracy. It's a complicated political situation. And there is a badass orphan outcast swordswoman cutting through it with her giant sword. Huzzah!?

A hundred years ago there was a very evil dun magic master who sank a whole stretch of islands, the Dustels, and turned its inhabitants into birds. Birds with their human intelligence intact. They develop bird language. Their descendents are also birds. One of them is madly in love with another major character in the book,

And now I can't say more because spoilers beyond the cut. (Spoilers, and perturbing deaths and all the trigger warnings about rape and other horrible violence) SPOILERS .... But not all the spoilers. Just one that was so much fun I have to talk about it. "Fun"...

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