Sep. 19th, 2015

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Still at high levels of activity and ability over here. Today I grocery shopped, did dishes, made applesauce, and then for around half an hour did some intense physical work in the garage. I moved boxes and re-stacked them, sorted some things to get rid of, and swept the garage floor and the sidewalk. Crucial to do this before the rainy season starts so that the drain won't clog! I had the glowing feeling of physical exercise.

That was a lot of stuff to do. There are times when I can't manage to stand up long enough to brush my teeth. I had a nap and am still lying down hours later after doing the sweeping. I ache all over especially ankles, knees, hands.

I am challenging myself lately not to take painkiller. I'm not sure if this is important or not. What it feels like is just that my pain levels are ok enough that I'm able to do it.

I wanted also to be clear about how much pain, vs. painkillers, exhausts me mentally and physically.

Right now having some clarity that pain is telling me to just lie here calmly a while longer.

But I want to get up... do more things... do the laundry...

Read the lastest issue of make/shift and now maybe i'll look at my slides for next week's talk.

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