Oct. 24th, 2015

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Things are quiet over here. I will impart all my boring domestic news.

I finally cleaned out my clogged up worm bin on the patio & there were still worms, stunted but lively, despite nearly a year of neglect. Scattered extra worm dirt over some of the side yard and potted plants. Composting container inside is one of those easy seal oxo food containers (which I'd like more of as they're very easy on my hands).

The last few weekends I've done extra hiring of people to clean out the garage, sweep under the front stairs, and haul trash away. It is finally coming together. I can find things in the garage again. All the stuff is in small size see-through plastic bins with rubber seals so that I can move the bins. The large ones I had before were too heavy and clumsy to move. All the tools and some art things and soldering stuff and my large sewing box and the sewing machine are on shelves. Next step is to hang up my walker and zond7's bike from big hooks on one wall and put a small workbench by the power cord. (this would be very handy for our friend ReVolt as well)

Then we can slowly go through the small bins getting rid of stuff. Ah ambition!

I am on level 9, I think, of Botanicula.

My clothes are somewhat different lately as I move a little away from constant tech-event or company tshirts or like saucy tshirts with daleks on them and so on. I still am doing that but since I haven't lost weight really (or not much) from the shingles & steroids bout, I had to go buy new pants anyway and have been experimenting with my reversible skirts. I got 2 new pairs of jeans (one cheap from old navy and one 90 buck one called Jag from fancy shop on 24th) and some black dickies work pants (cheap also).

This morning I got out a suitcase and tried pre-packing for my trip. I have 2 silk tank tops and 2 silk/cotton button down shirts to go under my smartwool sweaters. Radical plan of wearing silk + wool leggings and my amazing jeans-and-wild-print reversible skirt on the plane so as to be more comfortable on the 11-hour flight. (And of course the world's most fabulous black vest with 26 different pockets).

In the less domestic news!

I went to 2 talks on north korean politics because zond7 was speaking at one of them and the other one was close by and sounded good. I read Yeonmi Park's book and also read some of the "controversy" and criticism of her. Then read Mr. Kang's book, Aquariums of Pyongyang. I have read other defector stories and prison camp stories (other than Nothing to Envy, but i can't remember titles) These basically fit right in. I liked going to Langton Labs and then the next night, Stanford. The stanford students were super adorable and earnest. Notably, the event was not sponsored or anything by faculty, just by the student association and so while I thought the dinner afterward would be one of those faculty/visiting speaker things or like a fancy reception, instead it was some take out food in cartons and pizza in a small room in the nearby student union. Ahaha! Also adorable. I am surprised that it wasn't better sponsored by Stanford. There were many many fascinating things to analyze in both talks and the people who came to the events.

I read God of Small Things, and a wad of other books I can't remember, must go blog about books read on composite.....maybe tomorrow. Work is intense and will be more so in the next 7-8 weeks.
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I will be in the 9th arrondisment (9me) right near the Mozilla office. My sister is coming with me! I will have to work all week and at least 2 nights have an activity (dinner at local colleague's house, boat ride on seine with team + their families + my sister). It will be cold and likely rainy. Just north of that area there is the former red light/gay district that is now full of hipsters and boutiques. Sounds good to me.

Any advice or tips for things I should do in Paris, modest or ambitious?

My hopes are to hit at least one art museum, and maybe this feminist space: http://www.lamutinerie.eu/index.php I would also like to try riding a bus somewhere.

I will play a lot of Ingress and probably enjoy very minor things like going into shops to buy cookies and candy that I haven't seen before. I like snacks. I may also bring my folding tote bag that I can check on the plane in case the shopping virus seizes me and I need to bring back a lot of junk. What is nice to buy in Paris, that I would like?

Tell me some useful French phrases I should learn!

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