Dec. 6th, 2015

In Orlando

Dec. 6th, 2015 11:47 am
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I'm in Orlando now at a giant hotel complex attached to disney. There is no escape from bad music and noise and the food is gross and bed is too hard. I spent the night tossing around in agony. There is no escape! I got the hotel people to bring me an extra "mattress pad" but that didn't help and then I got the quilt off the other bed and laid on it. let's just say I am not good at camping or any sort of survival that includes sleeping on a hard surface. this is also why hospitals are like extra torture. fuck! I feel very whiny. I also got in at 9:30 but only got to my hotel room at midnight and then the only room service was a gross sounding pizza or cold salad. which made me sad as i had only had some cheese on the airplane so needed real food. the 24 hour restaurant was super gross buffet tacos which I don't even understand how they could be so nasty. One of my least favorite "fun" things is spending time in the sorts of food courts that they have in museum basements. Everywhere to eat here so far has been like that.

I do notice everyone who works here being "extra nice" but it is like Mormons. I cannot cope.

On the other hand the view out my window is pretty. This morning I wandered around long walkways by a huge pond and played ingress in the sun. If only there weren't 3 different "classic rock" and xmas music songs playing at once over outdoor speakers. I found a "grocery store" on a "boardwalk" which was not a grocery store but i was able to buy apple juice, an apple, and some nilla wafers. I am now in the sun by a pool with fast wireless doing some work. Also almost pleasant. This all reminds me of living in Irvine but with much more noise and not very nice landscaping. Nothing is _actually_ nice but it has this facade of nice.

Basically it is my definition of hell. I can't believe people come here on purpose. People who are not even little children come here for their dying wish. Whattttt.

My head hurts, I think from airplane sinuses and bad sleep and the constant noise here. Half a tramadol and more coffee now, mai tai by the pool in a little bit. Maybe a massage. I do like being in the sun and warm weather. uuuuugh save me.

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