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Feb. 25th, 2012 05:27 pm
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We have the most entertaining children ever.

A. and I made cookies this morning. She was super helpy and cheerful & helped clean up and was also singing along with Kimya Dawson songs. When Moomin got here, we all rode the bus and F train to the pool and had a swim. It was completely exhausting but fun. I feel very cheered and motivated to swim every day next week (well, 4 days anyway). I wallowed gently in the deep end just on the other side of the rope, while D. and the kids were whales in the kid area right next to me. Then they ran around the playground outside the pool. They were being mimes doing stuff like throwing balls back and forth, play fighting, and juggling.

Back up on Cortland we had tacos, discussed the movie Airplane, Moomin's new favorite ipad game called Time Garden or Garden of Time, Redwall, Narnia, and names that are also stupid puns, like Eileen Dover and Oliver Chocolate. On the way back A. kept saying in a fake upper class british accent "Hello, I'm A. Cobra", which cracked me up more and more, past all rationality.

Getting around via bus and chair is exhausting. I'm not good at going up the ramps. I'm going to order the new battery housing for the little scooter right now.

In the pool I could feel that my legs were weaker than last time I swam. My ankles are a little better, and I've gone from 6 heel wedges in the ankle boots to 3 wedges. But my legs are not as strong. If I can really swim substantially every day that should improve fast. I didn't swim in London despite all my good resolutions, because when it was a choice between seeing something awesome or visiting people and dutifully swimming I went out every time.

Gave them fizzy strawberry candies, star wars candy tins, impacted earwax candy, and lego daleks. the other things from london (books) are reserved for birthday presents.

Now they're recording messages with an ipad app that makes your voice sound like a Dalek.

kids on my lap, 2007:

festooned with kids

and today:

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