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Hilarious book review about racism and misogyny in some epically stupid sounding fantasy book.

A Game of Thorns: Or This Partially Being an Epic Review of the Epic Fantasy Novel, Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence, And Partially Something Else

Despite saving this very black man and requiring him to run away with this very white child on a quest for vengeance like a gimlet-eyed Huckleberry Finn dragging behind him his Jim, Avatar Jorg never questions why he doesn't think to ask the Nuban his name.

He is simply the Nuban. Why not? He's obviously the only black person the prince is going to encounter it seems, unless Avatar Jorg bothers traveling to Nuba. And with his predilections for causing people pain, safe money is on him sailing first for Ling.

Still, four years of living and fighting together like brothers on the road and Avatar Jorg still hasn't bothered to ask the Nuban his name, a man whose life he goes to the trouble of saving any number of times over the course of these four years. So it seems the fate of the Nuban is to remain a nameless black raisin in the midst of a sea of fantasy cream.

Date: 2012-02-29 09:56 pm (UTC)
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This review was so epic and amazing I almost passed out.

Seriously. All the PWNage ever.

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