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The "That's a Moray" song is still stuck in my head. When an eel bites your hand, and that's not what you planned, that's a moray!

Save me!

I have read The Man Who Was Thursday, two ridiculous Agatha Christie books, one more Donna Leon that was interesting for the plot centering around the detective dude watching his wife do some civil disobedience (throwing rocks through the window of a travel agency that sets up trips for sex tourists aka guys who rape children). Also read The Runaway Dragon and a book called Kimchi and Calimari which is about a kid angsting that he was adopted from Korea and yet only knows about his Italian American family's history and culture. They are very Italian in that they occasionally say "mangia", wear golden horn necklaces, eat pasta, and say "Nonna" for grandma while their new Korean neighbors eat kim chi, say "anyang hsaio", take off their shoes in the house, and say "harpogi" for grandpa. It was okay....

Next up on my plate, Highway Cats, a blatant ripoff of the Warriors books (or the other way around, maybe.) Someone needs to write Information Highway Cats. "Look out!" Socket meowed excitedly to Packet, who was about to slip across a cable to the next server along with her kittens, Patches and Bugs. "A giant worm is about to attack!"

The Man Who Was Thursday lends itself obviously to The Cabbie Who Would Be August or something of that sort. I would be having a very artificial conversation in a taxi about distributed dispatching systems when we crossed one of those brick circles in an intersection in San Francisco and sunk suddenly into the sewer system to a secret anarchist lair. The driver of my cab to and from the orthopedist yesterday said that the guy over lunch was "The Rookie" who stammers and talks too fast because he's nervous, but the usual day shift one is "El Profesor" -- both excellent cabbie villain names...
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