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Most of my stuff is off the boat... it just needs cleaning and a last sweep through for my vacuum cleaner and whatever else is in the pilothouse - some toys and lifejackets and CRAP.

Neatly coinciding with my effort not to walk around the last couple of days - I have become obsessed with the game Glitch. So that's what I've been doing! I did emerge yesterday to get a massage and then today to buy wrapping paper to wrap Moomin's presents for tomorrow.

I can't believe he's 12 already!

My parents are in town, we're going to go play video games in the rain and eat cake I guess (back up plan since the beach won't be possible in the rain... maybe the In n Out burger.)

My ankles and heels are really painful and I got a bit worse.

In other news my disability claim seems to be straightening out. They sent me a lot of notices of payments but have not sent the actual card yet, or are expecting that I have a card from last time maybe (Which I don't.) That's a relief, anyway.

WisCon, ho!!!
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