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happy eastover

We went to basmatiheather & household's eastover brunch, ate lots of great food and loafed around... Had a lovely lovely nap afterwards. I seriously just passed out in bed like drifting away on beautiful clouds. Naps! My new goal in life.

Then I came down on the train with the scooter and moomin. I am taking care of him in rook's house while rook is in Finland for a week for a game con. OMFG I am having HORRIBLE allergies down here. Am about to get up and rummage for benadryl or something. In a pinch I can take moomin's at double dose. Snot is pouring out of my face. I think it is trees blooming. Hotspur the cat is very yowly and won't get off my lap so i am typing this sideways around a lump of curled up cat.

yesterday ummmm can't remember what happened.... ummmm... i laid in bed, unpacked some boxes, and played glitch... hazelbroom's son came over. I had cramps and didn't want to move except from bath to heating pad.

day before we went to Dolores Park with everybody and kids and watched them run around. YAY ELECTRIC SCOOTER alias Skidbladnir but I think I've decided to call it BLUE STEEL instead (from Zoolander). I now start it up with THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO launch theme in my head.

Plan for the week is do my physical therapy, play glitch, go to the library with Moomin every day after school so he gets used to walking there and can see if it's an option for doing his homework instead of the gazillion dollar after school care which is mostly just sitting in a room doing homework along with the 6 other kids from the school who don't have their nannies driving them to soccer practice. They do go out to play I guess. And it is familiar. We'll see!

Am going to taskrabbit someone to clean the house. I can't do it and just having some of the layer of grime and dust taken off will be a little more cheery.
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YAY ELECTRIC SCOOTER! (Aren't they great?)

BLUE STEEL is also an early Katherine Bigelow movie featuring Jamie Lee CUrtis as a cop.

I want taskrabbit here. When you get someone for cleaning, do you give 'em a checklist or run it down verbally or just go with flow that they'll know how to clean?