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After lying on ice packs for a while this morning (my sacroiliac is pretty horrible on the right side) I went out to get fancy groceries very much looking forward to cruising the aisles of the hippie food store rather than ordering food online. It's super sunny and nice, short sleeve tshirt weather. I got sandwich things and a chicken to roast in my new scary Chicken Pot which is an enormous casserole dish shaped like a fat hen. Its eyes follow you all over the room. I adore it! Pix to come! Anyway, I also got olives, fancy cheese, and sourdough bread.

I crossed the street to get the sunny side and some variety. The flower lady who has cancer or something is camped out in front of the liquor store with her usual slightly dumpster dived looking flowers. We had a chat & I made a bouquet of golden gladiolus, red gladiolus and some tiger lilys and pussy willows. she insisted on throwing in some babys breath which I don't like so I have put it outside on the porch. I like it OK but it's too fussy for the elegant tall things. I ran into someone I vaguely know through friends of friends & who I ran into on Friday in TWO different restaurants. We exchanged emails. I hoped she did not think I am poly-ing it up. I wasn't...

The nice grocery store dude said hi to me as he was on his way to work & I was cruising with my scooter spectacularly hung with grocery bags all over & the enormous tall flowers sticking up behind like a peacock's tail. I slightly suspect he is the one whose license says "grey hankY" on it since in the fall he often sports a very classic leather vest and chain and seems very old school. Anyway!

I got 3 interesting books out of the free box: life science of star trek (for moomin), a paperback copy of Animalia (best illustrations ever; i will bring it to DU) , and a small hand sewn poetry book called American Zen which doesn't look great but which I'll enjoy and show to Moomin & then maybe put out in my own free box.

There is a new store, extremely fancy and beautiful inside, just for honey and japanese loose tea mixes. Can they possibly make a go of this? So specific and a bit intimidatingly boutiquey. Still, I bought some roasted brown rice green tea because they had free samples & it was tasty.

On the way back down the hill more people boggled extremely at the sight of me which I'm sure was astonishing and silly and resplendent what with the sun in my hair, the bags, and as I mentioned, the peacock tail of tall flowers....

Moomin did the dishes and started the dishwasher. Yay! Zond7 is still asleep after a bad night of illness (which is often the case, I don't mention it a lot but he has chronic illness and often has a very hard time and then needs to rest and sleep a lot) I am going to hang out in bed a while with ice packs and then put away all the rest of the laundry. I'd like to go out again to the hardware store & have tea in a new spot -- the tiny sunny park just above Mission and just north of Fair where there's a fantastic view of the hills rising up all around the Bernal Cut & Noe Valley. I have my eye on this spot to be my new sunny-spot hangout where I can lie on a bench and write at mid-day. Then my plan is to cook the chicken in the fancy yet appalling Chicken Dish. And take some photos of the clean bits of the house.

The clean bits of the house are only clean because the porch is full of things to be donated and thrown away. AND THERE WILL BE MORE. But not today because my back hurts too much which is a warning to me to slow down. The pain is going down my leg and makes my leg sometimes "collapse" without warning (a familiar situation from the last TWENTY YEARS but which comes and goes) Holy crap I hope they have an opening soon for the magic steroid injections which are the best thing ever.

Moomin needs to find some teenagers (here, or his town, or really anywhere) who like to read a lot and talk about books. He doesn't have any and is starting to feel the lack. I'm not sure me taking him to Borderlands more often will help that goal as we will just meet adults who I know. If only he knew how to use social media in any way at all he could find bookish friends. Well, it will happen eventually!

Date: 2014-02-24 04:56 am (UTC)
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The public library in my town sponsors a teen book group that meets every month to talk about books and do other activities. I knew one of the kids who started it. She was homeschooled, and used to being the one who organized things, but the children's librarians were also helpful and supportive. They provided the room and snacks and printed and posted flyers. The original members have all grown past teenage, but the group is still going. Maybe your library has a group like that, or a librarian who is willing to start one?

Date: 2014-02-24 06:36 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] thistleingrey
Sunny spot sounds great! And omg, you weren't kidding about the chicken thing (saw the pic).

Date: 2014-02-24 08:37 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] metaphortunate
I am intimidated by those types of boutiques! Like, I do not know nor do I really care about the difference between these 18 different types of tea nor will I ever. I would kind of like the experience of trying them, but will you sneer at me like a comics shop employee? Should I just go buy more PG tips?

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